11 Blackpink Gift Ideas Every Blink Will Love

Blackpink The Album

In this digital age, buying music that you can actually hold on to is rare, and maybe even unheard of. Because, why? When everything is situated in a proverbial cloud, you don't need physical things. But the young people of today need to experience actually holding an album. And this is what makes The Album special. BLACKPINK found a way to spread their music in a way that is fun and also pays homage to the artists that paved the way for them. The Album is available in four different versions; it is exclusively sold on their official website.

Lovesick Girls T-Shirt

One thing you must know—as the gift-giver and not the actual fan—Blackpink release merchandise that is timely, or supports their current release. "Lovesick Girls" was released October 2020 and is the latest single as of writing this entry. They currently have two t-shirts that support this song; on the photo to your left is the black one. They also have a white one with a slightly different design. This listing is for both shirts, but we will also list other forms of clothing from the Lovesick Girls line below. Link

Ice Cream Shades

Here's another example of merchandise that is themed towards their songs—but you already knew that. If you must know, "Ice Cream" is their hit single with American artist Selena Gomez. The sunglasses literally look like melting ice cream. But that's not really it, it is the exact same glasses that Selena Gomez wore on the music video. That melting look, pink tinted; it even includes a cloth case with the words ice cream on it. Hey, if Selena can rock these, any Blink can.

Blackpink Novelty Ankle Socks

Let's stray away from the serious, official stuff and check out something cute. These anklet socks rock! It comes as a set of four, obviously, and fits shoe sizes 6 to 9. Printed on the socks (on top) of course, are our K-pop idols Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. You best wear these transparent shoes, girl. Highly-rated item. Check them out from the this link.

Blackpink Official Light Stick

If you want to rock it out full on to Blackpink songs, you need one of these. This is the official light stick of the group, meaning it is branded Blackpink. It comes in a nice gift box that even says official light stick so it would be perfect as a gift. It measures 25.5 centimetres tall and about 15.5 centimetres at the widest part. It has a sound switch and a power switch, and a hole to put an optional strap on—you know, so you won't flick it away when you're dancing with them. Link

Blackpink AirPods Case

People who love Blackpink—or Blinks if you want to be technical about it—obviously love music. So, there's a high chance they own a pair of Apple AirPods. I mean, who doesn't these days? This cutesy AirPods case is all pink and black (the colors) and screams hardcore fan anywhere you bring them. They're made by elago so you know they're quality, and they're actually officially-licensed merchandise.

Blink Definition Hoodie

Although not official merchandise, this hoodie looks super chill that it might as well have been. Up front is a simple dictionary-style definition of the word blink. And not the literal blink, of course, the Blackpink fan blink. The final part of the definition says, and I quote, "A person that will always love and protect BLACKPINK from all the bad things in the world." Hardcore. Available in four base colors. Click here to get yours.

Blackpink Logo Face Mask

We do realize there are a multitude of Blackpink face masks available out there but are they as pretty as these? Simple, classic design that literally utilizes the black and pink of the name. The masks are all handmade and are washable and reusable, which is the way to go if you want to be woke about the environment. Uses the filter-insert system for added protection. Costs only [PRICE] which is definitely a steal! Get yours from this link.

Blackpink Micro Pop Stars

Although technically considered toys, we don't think that would prevent adults from enjoying these cute collectibles, as well. The 3-inch figurines are sold in packs of four, of course, but you get to mix and match their accessories to your liking in fashion. There are 36 accessories in all to collect, but you only get 12 accessories per pack. The looks of the dolls are based on their real-life outfits in popular music videos. Check them out here.

Blackpink All Access Box

Here's another official merchandise must-have for all BLACKPINK fans. The VIP/All Access Box comes with 13 surprises inside. Each box is unique in its contents but you can expect super awesome stuff like a replica of Lisa's sunglasses from the "Kill This Love" video, stickers and polaroids of the members, key chains, and other trinkets. But that's all part of its allure—not knowing what you're going to get. Get one from the official store.

Rolling Stone Blackpink Box Set

This collector's edition box set features all the Blackpink issues from Rolling Stone. It includes the June 2022 issue of Rolling Stone with the group on the cover, along with four additional solo covers of each member. It also includes a 44-page zine, exclusive interviews, stunning photos, and bonus Blackpink prints and stickers. And oh, it is currently on sale! Excellent gift idea for any Blink out there. Worldwide shipping available. Check out this link for more info.