10 Awesome Blippi Gifts for Toddlers That Are So Much Fun

Blippi Soft Plush Doll

Since we're mainly talking about toddlers, we think it would be best to hand them a safe toy version of the character they've come accustomed to on the big screen. This Blippi doll captures the colorful ensemble he wears with those iconic glasses and hat. Any toddler who would get this as a present would surely be surprised. And from hereon, they have their new buddy with them. Official merchandise. 16 inches tall talking doll that says his most famous catch phrases.

Blippi Water Doodle Mat

Another great Blippi gift for toddlers is this mess-free water doodle mat. Recommended for 2 years old and above, so around mid-toddler age, but no there's no reason those a little younger than 2 can't handle this. Completely reusable with big markers for those little hands. Reveal hidden pictures with the magic water pen. Also includes stencils, stamps, and rollers for even more fun! Click here to check it out.

Blippi Inflatable Ball Pit

Another safe-for-toddlers Blippi gift worth considering is this ball pit. The main pool is inflatable which is super safe, and it includes 35 soft plastic balls. As a bonus you also get 10 surprise balls that contain mini toys! Engage your toddler in a multi-sensory, multi-color environment for better development. Indoor and outdoor fun because of its portability. Check it out here if you are interested.

20-Inch Blippi Dress-up Doll

Here's another Blippi plushy, but this time it's BIG. This doll is 20 inches tall, so you could imagine how that would look like beside a toddler. But, don't take that as a negative, because this is a dress-up doll. You can zip and unzip his jacket, button his shirt, tie his shoes—so it's all good practice for when your toddler grows up. Also includes sounds and phrases when you squeeze his belly. Official Blippi merchandise. Click here for the product link.

Blippi Xylophone

Here's a rather affordable Blippi-themed gift for toddlers, that is also useful for their development—a xylophone! Yes, instruments and music are known to aid in the brain development of young minds. Maybe you know someone who is raising a future Mozart (okay, maybe just a Jay-Z), so let them bang around these keys and explore different sounds and pitches. 9.5 inches long with big sticks so these are safe to play with. Get yours here.

Blippi Costume for Toddlers

We have to admit, this is probably more for the parents' satisfaction than the toddler. Want your son (or daughter, we don't judge) to look exactly like their favorite character? This officially licensed Blippi costume ensemble has everything from the bow tie, hat, glasses, and the complete jumpsuit with attached suspenders so your toddler will feel comfortable. The glasses are also made from fabric so no hazard there. Complete sizing chart available from the product page.

Blippi Onesie

Let's bring it down a notch and go a little younger—for those who are not walking yet or have just started. (Not strictly toddler age, but can still fit some.) This snuggly onesie is perfect for adorable toddlers who want to like their favorite character. Includes his signature colors and look, complete with the jumper and bowtie—which are of course, just props. Simple, one zip fastening for comfort and ease of wearing. Multiple sizes available. Click here.

Blippi Birthday Matching Family T-Shirts

Here's a fun Blippi gift for the whole family. Matching shirts for everyone celebrating the birthday of a toddler! You get one for the celebrant, of course, one for dad, mom, and a sibling of choice. These are fan made, as well. Wear this to an upcoming party as a uniform, or give it to someone celebrating soon. They're quite affordable and made from nice shirts that you can still use after the party. Check out this link for more details and to learn customizable options.

Blippi Minky Blanket

Here's another Blippi gift that is not readily available on big online stores or chains. This is a cozy blanket perfect for toddlers as it is made from Minky, cotton, and spandex. Minky fabric is a type of fleece that is super soft and cozy. The other side of the blanket is made from cotton and spandex blend, so win either way. Measures 42 by 31 inches—perfect for your little guy/girl. Click here to check it out.

Blippi Hat

If you just need Blippi's hat, this is the perfect one. This fully functioning hat is a handmade replica made from cotton and elastic material. What do we mean by functioning, though? Simply put, it's not meant as a costume so you can use it daily. Best of all, there are sizes for adults so you might want to match up with your boy! They are currently selling these with a free Blippi face mask so you might want to capitalize on that deal.