10 Crocodile-Themed Gifts for Your Baby

Crocodile Educational Musical Piano Toy

Get your little moppet this cute, but educational crocodile piano. It has animal sounds, and an accurate 8-key octave of the correct notes. Not only will your baby learn about basic rhythms and sounds, they will also get color recognition exercises due to the nature of the colored keys and buttons. And best of all, it's crocodile shaped—for mommy and daddy? If you want a future animal lover who also happens to dabble in music, look no further. Check out this link for more info.

Musical Stuffed Crocodile

This next gift recommendation is good for newborns up to around 12 months. Although, can we be totally honest? This looks quite like an alligator. Who can tell, though? If we can't, then how can your little one who can barely utter a word tell? I think they can. Measures about two feet long; enough to act as a sleepy-time hugsy. Also has a small teether to attached, rattle sound thingies, and a music box. Great developmental toy. Click here to check it out.

Crocodile Costume for Toddlers

This one, we have to admit, is a little more for the parents. Just a little, though, because when your baby sees themselves in the mirror they sure are gonna love it! To look like their favorite animal should be a big surprise for them. This one in particular is just a sleeveless half-suit, so it's best for warm-climate places. Made from 100% baby-safe polyester material. Pull-on costume with a plush headpiece and tail. Learn more about the product by clicking here.

Crocodile Teething Toy

Teething toys—hey, these make great gifts, too! Sure, every toddler (below 12 months) needs it anyway. Teethers are good for their teeth development, as well as to scratch that itch from growing teeth nubs. And what better animal shape to pattern it after that their favorite croc! Made from food-grade silicone. 100% safe for babies; BPA-free, lead-free, all of those things, check! Crocodile shape is available in two colors. Visit the product page to learn more.

Giant Crocodile Stuffed Animal

I know, I know, you are gonna get a lot of stuffed animal suggestions on this list. But, what can we do? Babies love plushies. So, we will do everything we can to give you the best stuffed toys we can find. And this one is no different. Can you say lifelike? These crocs go as big as 150 centimeters long! That adult human size, mind you. The smallest one is 80 cm, still mighty big for a plushy, but good enough for a two to three-year-old to wrestle with. Handmade by the seller. Product link.

Gray Crocodile Jumpsuit (9 to 18 Months)

This is one top-quality jumpsuit! Hold it, we're not trying to sway you more towards certain products, none of these are ours. But just look at the quality on this one. Unique design with 3D eyes popping out of the shoulder. Kids will definitely love it! Made from 100% cotton so it's soft, comfortable, and breathable. Plus, it has that diaper access, button closure thing at the bottom. Two sizes—9 to 12 months, and 12 to 18 months are available. Click here for the product page.

Crocodile Knitted Socks

Super cute! These funky, knitted socks make great, memorable gifts! Knitted in such a way that it looks like the croc is about ready to gobble up your entire leg. Perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers. Any crocodile-themed occasion, to be honest. Single-size only; fits 3 years old and above. These are warmth-inducing socks only and are not to be used for walking, or to be matched with shoes. To learn more about the product, visit the product page.

Custom Crocodile Onesie With Name

It's a onesie with a crocodile graphic on it, what's the big deal? Glad you asked. It's customizable. With your baby's name. Ain't that sweet? Come to think of it, it need not be their name so you can print whatever you want along with the croc. Also has a place for a huge letter. Just check the photo and make sure to learn more about the product from the seller's page. Top-selling item, as well. Your croc-loving kid (and you) will surely love it.

Biting Crocodile Toy

You know those games wherein you put your hand in something and hope that you're fast enough to remove them without getting caught? That's basically this crocodile toy over here. But the slight difference is you press the teeth and hope that it does not trigger a bite. Kind of like family-friendly Russian roulette type of game. Young, developing kids are gonna love this. Prepare to get noisy when the fun starts. Budget-friendly gift for crocodile lovers; visit the product page for more information.

Crocodile Bath Toys

Up next we have a practical and affordable crocodile-themed gift for babies. Bath toys! Who doesn't love bath time, right? Here we have a set of four, with the mama crocodile being the soap dish. The three babies, I don't know, it's up to your baby what to do with them. But he or she can nest them on mommy's back for a ride. Made from soft, rubber ducky-like material. Floats like a boat. Each baby measures a little under three inches. The mommy, about 6 inches long. Product link here.