10 Super Cute Gifts Your Pregnant Sister Will Love

Auntie T-Shirt

Before anything else, do know that this is meant to be a shirt or onesie for babies. The seller prints the exact same design on onesies, which you can check later on the link. However, it also makes some sense giving this to your sister, just to remind her that you are ready to accept full-on your duty as an aunt. Hey, it does not hurt if you are Friends fans, too. Follow the succeeding link for print-on-demand customization options.

"Don't Make Me Call My Auntie" Onesie

Here's a good gift for your pregnant sister that foresees your inevitable future. Prepare the wardrobe selection of her soon-to-be-born with pro-aunt merchandise. This super cute onesie says "Don't make me call my auntie," so it should be a friendly warning to your sister that you are gonna go all in on spoiling her baby. Unisex colors available. Baby-friendly ink and materials so no worries on that aspect, as well.

Minimalist Necklace for Mom-To-Be

This is a great gift that you can give to someone really close who is pregnant. In this case (in this list), your sister. It's very minimal and elegant in design, and the two rings—1 small, 1 big—obviously signifies the mother-child bond. Add to that some great, inspiring words on the card and game over. Handmade; available in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold.

Pregnant Art Print

If you're looking for something a little more serious, but still cute, check out this art print slash display. Simply put, it features the outline of a mother and a baby bonding. Something your sister is surely looking forward to once she gives birth. Just a little something that is meaningful and affordable. Available in A3 and A4 sizes, and light grey and white backgrounds. Check out the link for the product page.

Prangry Coffee Mug

What the hell is a prangry, you might ask? Well, it's nothing but the three most apt adjectives to describe someone pregnant. Pregnant, angry, and hungry. In other words, approach with caution if currently prangry. And this mug sums it up well. Make your pregnant sister laugh before she loses her mood (again). Get her this mug. Available in 11- and 15-ounce capacities.

Please Rub My Feet Socks

One thing pregnant ladies do not have the luxury of? Bending down and rubbing their feet. These socks know that all too well. And they are aware that most pregnant women probably have their feet up on something, resting. Which is why these socks say "If you can read this, please rub my feet" at the soles. Let's just hope they do. The letters are made from rubbery material so they also act as anti-skid grips. Not just a novelty, safety gear as well.

Pregnancy Coloring Book

Being that you are the sister of the pregnant one, you can probably get away with a lot more personal gifts. You know, stuff that would otherwise be a little off if given by others. Just like this coloring book. How Expecting Moms Swear. One good example of give the gift of laughter (if you have nothing better left to give). Your sister will definitely love it. Follow the succeeding link to get one.

"I've Waited 9 Months for This" Wine Glass

Here's something you can give your sister after giving birth, or even while pregnant. The long-awaited, after-pregnancy drink is something worth toasting to. After all, dealing with those 9 months—then finally seeing your child for the first time—is a miracle in its own. Just a cute little something every (drinking) mother will appreciate. 15 ounces; spill-proof rambler made from high-quality printed glass.

Ultrasound Picture Frame

Look closely, at first you might not see how this thing can be a picture frame. The ultrasound image is the one in the belly part. Clever, right? A great way to commemorate this period on your sister's pregnancy. A definite keepsake. Although, don't expect too much on the size. It accepts two inch-diameter images only. Frame measures about 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Click here for more details.

If Mom Says No Onesie

We know, we know, this is not really a gift for the mom but rather for the baby. Still, you can give it during the baby shower, right? And besides, it makes for a very good gift for the very exact theme of this gift list. If mom says no, my aunt will say yes. Definitely. Now your sister will know the kind of looming relationship you will have with her baby. Spoil that cutie to the moon and back! Available in three sizes and in 5 colors.