Top 16 Cute Gifts for (Cute) Volleyball Players

Textured Volleyball Phone Case

That is one gorgeous case, if you ask me. I mean, no (seriously passionate) volleyball player should not have this one their phone. And it's textured! Yes, you can feel the seams, people! Available for a myriad of the most-used phones so don't worry about not having one for your unit. Oh, and they also have some available for popular tablets like the iPad Air and iPad Mini. Available from Inspired Cases. Check out the product page by clicking on the link.

Love Volleyball Charm Bracelet

Looking for a cute volleyball-themed gift that is on the affordable side of things? Then you can't go wrong with this volleyball charm bracelet. Yes, it's one of those crafty, handmade bracelets with lots of trinkets. This one, however is straight up and just has the words "love" and "volleyball" on it. Simple but powerful. And it easily goes with any everyday outfit. Check it out from the link. It also has about 15 color combinations. Cool.

Volleyball Swimming Pool Set

Volleyball players, wherever they are, they always see to it that they find a way to practice or simply play the game that gives them such pure joy. In the beach, on vacation, at home, etc. With this gift, you can add to that ability by letting play in the water. An inflatable swimming pool set so they can enjoy the game while combining it with another super-fun activity—swimming. It's easy to store, too, so it won't be such a hassle to keep during off season.

Volleyball (Ball) Picture Frame

Here's a rather affordable, but still cute, volleyball-themed gift—a picture frame! But not just a regular frame, it's a ball! Yep, and it's made of faux leather so you get an authentic texture. Okay, you might find this frame smaller than usual. The photo opening is just 2.5 inches wide and tall, and the whole thing is 5.5 inches in diameter. Still, it's a cute, small gift that can contain one head shot of a serious baller.

Volleyball Player Christmas Tree Ornament

Come holidays, people are gonna be rushing for these, so better get a moving. Nothing really much to discuss here, and it does not help that the site does not really give much information, but it's an ornament. That we know; and I'm pretty sure you can use if for other things other than hanging it on the Christmas tree. [PRICE]. Check it out from the link.

Volleyball Snoozies

What about these fab, ultra-comfy volleyball-themed snoozies? What are snoozies? Glad you asked. Snoozies are these sort of new things that combine socks and slippers but are neither both. And they're very persistent on that fact. The perfect bedroom companion. Made from soft fleece that's lined with extra fluffy Sherpa fleece. Has a non-skid sole layer at the bottom. Link

Volleyball Cupcake

Okay, first, a confession. The link we have here is not really for a cupcake, but rather, a cupcake topper. First, it would be hard (and silly) to order a cupcake online. The logistics alone, I mean, yes, we don't really have to explain this. And second, our goal here is to inform you (especially those who bake) that volleyball cake toppers are available, so yes you might want to consider making one for a volleyball player.

Wilson Cast Away Volleyball

If you want to gift something that connects popular culture and volleyball, then a Wilson replica from the movie Cast Away should do the trick. Not sure if this movie is still that significant to the young bloods, though. (Can you believe it has been 20 years?) Anyway, Wilson, you could say, is the only friend of Tom Hanks in the movie. So, being that he is the only human there (spoiler alert), that is quite a significant character.

Volleyball Earrings

Maybe this should have been much higher up on the list. Anyway, yes, volleyball earrings! Cute and simple design, made of sterling silver, equals excellent gift choice for cute volley-belles. It can also be customized with a display card and a woven gift bag and box. And the seller is a trusted sports-related jewelry maker on Etsy. Check out the product page from the link.

Volleyball Laptop Decal

I'm sure you're familiar with these decals—you know, the one where they use the Apple logo to mimic all kinds of (round) objects. The sun, a basketball, football, you get the idea. So this one showcases a volleyball player in stance, going for a nice save to that Apple ball (logo). Removable decal won't stain or scratch your device. Also available in other volleyball action poses.

Volleyball Tote Bag

This is so cute! Ladies (gentlemen, too), if you are deep into volleyball, there is no other bag to rock. This tote-style beach or travel bag screams "I love volleyball" while still being chic. It obviously looks like the ball, but it's the simple black-white design that makes it non-novelty. Measures 22 by 17 inches without the strap and is made of cotton canvas and polyester. Check out the link for more photos.

"Stressed, Blessed and Volleyball Obsessed" Print

What about a nice wall print for your volleyball-obsessed friend? This simple but beautiful decoration says "Stressed, Blessed and Volleyball Obsessed" so you can't go wrong with this as a present. The whole thing (framed) measures approximately 7 by 7 inches. Not that big, not that small, so it should go well on any wall or shelf. Click the link to check it out; see below for different variation (different saying) of this product.

"Love at First Spike" Print

Like we said, there's another variation. Truth be told, this is way cooler (personal opinion, okay?). And the sandstorm-like graphic of the player spiking—nice. And hey, this can also be a present for a love interest, right? This is printed on ceramic material and has a rustic-style wooden frame. Perfect display piece for any volleyball player-owned room.

Personalized Name Volleyball Wood Sign

Now, here's something that's really unique and personal—volleyball name signs! I'm sure you're looking at the photo right now and saying, "That is sweet." This seller can put any name in that same design, so long as your name isn't unreasonably long. Not sure what the letter limit is, you just might have to message the seller for that. Carved in quarter inch-thick birch wood. Diameter can be anywhere from 6 to 35 inches.

Volleyball Player Mom T-Shirt

Let's not forget that there's a fat change that moms are looking for gifts for their volleyball-playing daughters. (Apologies to the men but this is a women's-only fit.) So, this shirt if a fine gift choice for that very exact scenario. "My favorite volleyball player calls me mom," says this shirt, and that's like letting the world know that you are 100% invested in your children's chosen sport. Available in five colors.

World's Okayest Volleyball Player T-Shirt

You know it was gonna come eventually. We have had our fair share of world's okayest insert-profession-here merchandise, and to be honest, they all rock. I mean, yeah, keep them coming! Volleyball players, of course, got what they deserved, too. So, here we have the okayest shirt for your okay volleyball player. Men's and ladies sizing are available on the same link.