11 Funny Gifts for Dads Who Love Flaunting Their Dad Bods

Working on My Dad Bod Beer Glass

Here's another one of them funny dad bod statements: Working on my dad bod. But we think you would agree when we say that this is best slapped on some drinkware. And not just any glass, a beer glass in particular. Because how else can they get that highly coveted dad bod, right? By drinking beer, of course. This one comes with the best design, but most of all it is bundled with a bottle opener that has the same text. Click here to check it out.

Working on My Dad Bod Beer Koozie

Well, some beer drinkers prefer to do it by the can. Or, most get caught up in nowhere with impromptu beer sessions. If so, the glass we featured above would be impossible to use because well, who would bring delicate glassware in their person at all times? But portable beer koozies are more transportable. They fold up very thinly dads can even pocket them. Set of two black and white beer sleeves here; made of 4 mm urethane foam that also makes it easier to hold the really cold ones.

Funny Dad Bod Belly Fanny Pack

Dads want to be funny no matter what—hence the term dad jokes. If you want to encourage them to be in joke mode even more, then this fanny pack should do it. With the belly graphic you know that this bag is not only a practical carry-everything device, but an extension of their daddy (beer?) belly. Hilarious gift especially for those who are still in the early stages of belly cultivating. Click here to get one for your old man.

World’s Daddest Bod Cap

Wait a second, if there are dad bods, shouldn't there be a daddest bod? Probably not since I don't think you work on them, or to get them. But as I'm sure you already know, your dad (and my dad) will wear this hat and proudly and lay claim to the tittle of the most dad body in the world. Which is why it makes for a good gift. Printed on Champion brand base black cap, too, so you know it's top quality. Check it out here.

Dad Bod Logo Hat

Wait, there's a dad bod logo? Well, there's this graphic that's been making the rounds on dad bod-related merchandise. It's a silhouette of an un-lean man (not fat, okay?) relaxing on what seems like a beach. I mean, whether or not you accept it as the logo, it still makes for an excellent one. Consider it the Jumpman of adorable dads. Snapback-type hat; multiple base colors available. Click here to check out the product page.


A wise man once said, “Why aren't there DILFs?” DILF, or D-I-L-F, from the infamous MILF stands for Dad I'd like to fondle. No, of course that's not the last word but you know what it really is. Simple but powerful design. Base hat is available in 8 colors including a camouflage pattern. Six-panel hat with an adjustable strap and a curved visor. Excellent hat on its own, either way. Get one for gifting here.

Dad Bod Ugly Christmas Sweater

We have to admit, this is one of the ugliest ugly Christmas sweaters we've seen in a while. Actually, it's either that (ugly) or laugh-out-loud hilarious. The nipple Christmas balls takes the cake. Same hairy belly graphic used on the fanny pack (we think). Either way, the depiction of the body on the fabric is probably dead-on accurate to most dads who are willing to rock these come Christmas time. Get one from this link.

Funny Dad Bod T-Shirts

Stop Staring at My Dad Bod T-Shirt

For our first gift, we start with something direct and straight to the point. Dads love them some statement shirts, right? And this one is the probably the most simple (and frank). In fact, once you give this they probably won't stop wearing it to anywhere where there's people—so basically all the time. The only question is, are you able to handle all the shame? Because we all know that they sure as hell don't have any. Click here to check out some sizes.

It’s Not a Dad Bod Tee

It's not a dad bod, it's a father figure. We're sure you've seen that funny saying (or meme?) before but if not, well now you have. So, we're here to tell you that there are a number of merch dedicated to that statement. You have mugs, socks, caps, what-have-you. But we're here to promote the shirt, and one of the nicely made ones, of course. So yeah, click on this link to check it out but do remember to search for other things with the saying that you might also be interested in.

Plain Dad Bod T-Shirt

If you want the most basic of dad bod shirts, the one that says nothing but “DAD BOD” ought to do it. In big, bold letters. Besides, it's not the dad-body that is the joke, it's owning up to it. And the most loving of dads know that such a bod—which is the product of carrying little kids, lack of sleep, eating leftovers—is to be proud of. This shirt has the cleanest but loudest design. Available in black, blue, or gray base tees. Check it out here.

Who Needs Hair? T-Shirt

For some, the dad bod transformation comes along with another inevitable physical transformation—hair loss. (Okay, there are a lucky few blessed with non-balding head syndrome, but still.) So here's another popular, funny statement that is slapped on tees and other merch, it says: With a body like this, who needs hair? So true. Perfect for that balding dad with the matching bod. Check it out here along with some other designs.