11 Awesome Gifts for Fans of Eleven From Stranger Things

Eleven, also known as El, is a fictional character from the Netflix series Stranger Things. She is portrayed by actress Millie Bobby Brown. Eleven is a young girl with psychokinetic abilities and was initially used as a subject in a secret government experiment known as Hawkins National Laboratory. But we're sure you already know that. Here are 11 gift suggestions for Eleven fans.

Eleven Funko Pop Figure: A collectible vinyl figure of Eleven in her iconic pink dress and with her trademark shaved head.

Stranger Things Monopoly: A special edition of the classic Monopoly board game featuring Stranger Things-themed properties and characters, including Eleven.

Hawkins Middle School Sweatshirt: A cozy sweatshirt featuring the logo of Hawkins Middle School, the school attended by Eleven and her friends in the series.

Stranger Things Poster: A high-quality poster showcasing Eleven and the other main characters from Stranger Things, perfect for decorating a bedroom or living space.

Eggo Waffle Enamel Pin: A cute enamel pin in the shape of an Eggo waffle, paying homage to Eleven's favorite snack.

Stranger Things Hoodie: A hoodie featuring the Stranger Things logo or artwork, allowing fans to show off their love for the series and its characters.

Eleven's Eggos T-Shirt: A t-shirt featuring Eleven's face and the phrase "Friends Don't Lie," along with a graphic representation of Eggo waffles.

Stranger Things Upside Down Candle: A unique candle designed to resemble the Upside Down, complete with eerie black wax and a scent that captures the atmosphere of the show.

Stranger Things Notebook: A notebook with Stranger Things-themed covers, perfect for jotting down notes, doodling, or journaling.

Eleven's Blue Jacket: A replica of Eleven's iconic blue jacket, allowing fans to dress up as their favorite character for cosplay or everyday wear.

Stranger Things Soundtrack Vinyl: The vinyl edition of the official Stranger Things soundtrack, featuring the show's nostalgic '80s-inspired music, including the memorable theme song.