Making This List Was Taxing – The 12 Funniest Gifts for Accountants

"I'm Not Perfect but I'm an Accountant" T-Shirt

Almost every list starts with a shirt so might as well break the ice with another one. Accountants are of a different breed. And they know darn well what they are worth to society so they won't fall short of letting us know that. This shirt sums it up nicely with a simple reality: "I'm not perfect but I'm an accountant so pretty close." Any accountant with a sense of humor will love this tee. Follow the link for more details.

"Be Audit You Can Be" Wine Glass

Get it, get it? Be all that you can be. Be audit. Be audit you can be. Genius! Of course, auditing is something all accounts are known for (and most dread). This what you would call a stemless wine glass, or maybe a goblet. But hey, this print is also available on other kinds of glasses, just make sure to scan the product link for the recommended items. 17-ounce capacity; etched text, not printed so it should last a lifetime.

"It's Accrual World" Coffee Mug

Well, of course we are going to follow is with another wise-cracking, accounting-pun merchandise. What else did you expect? Because it's the accrual of quality, funny accountant merchandise that will make (or break) this list. See what we did there? Now you know what accrual means. Sleek design with a background of a ledger and more accounting terms. 11 ounces, ceramic, safe for use on microwaves and dishwashers.

Financial Jokes for Financial Folks Book

Looking for something funny to give an accountant? Why not give them an entire book of it. The book Financial Jokes for Financial Folks: Accounting and Finance Jokes is just that. Don't believe us? Here, try this: Did you hear about the creditor who got bored? He lost interest. Hilarious! Now, imagine a hole book of that. Head on over to the link if you think this is a good gift. Compiled by Andrew Wooden.

Wall Clock for Accountants

Want to make sure your accountant friend does not forget the most important season they signed up for? What about their own accountant-only wall clock? Instead of numbers, this clock is filled with the things they need to accomplish. From tax tables to W-2s, this clock should make their every second count (see what we did there?). And in the middle, the most important reminder of all: There's no crying during tax season.

Adult Coloring Book for Accountants

Accountants should take every break they can get. And, to really, really take their minds off accounting—even for just a few minutes a day—letting them color on their own coloring book is a godsend. #AccountantLife: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book is filled with tons of hilarious accounting puns and artwork that all theirs to breathe life into with color. Suitable for markers, gel pens, coloring pencils, etc. Click the link for more details.

Awesome Accountant Coffee Mug

Expect more of the old coffee mug because, well, they are too easy to customize. But heck, this really is one of the better ones. Printed on the mug, in bold letters: This is what an awesome accountant looks like. And if that was not enough, there's a huge arrow pointing upwards. I don't think it gets clearer that that. 11 ounces capacity. Check the link for more details.

Tons of Correction Tape

Look, if there is a profession out there that surely still uses the ever-dependable pen, it's probably an accountant. I mean, those huge balance sheets and books—I guess that's why they're called books. Given all that, we think it would be hilarious (but at the same time practical) to give a box of correction tape, or white-out tape. Right? Just slip in a witty card along with it or something. They'll get it, and they'll really thank you for it.

Accountant Puns Pencil Set

If you've been paying attention to all the accountant puns and jokes that people are printing on merchandise, this pencil set groups them all in one exclusive-for-accountants pack. The best of the best are here including: Be audit you can be, It's accrual world, etc. And they come colored! Made and engraved in the USA. Follow the link for more details.

Accountant Definition Poster

This is one of those dictionary-style word definitions with a funny twist. You can give it to an accountant who enjoys the lighter side of things and they can display it in their office or room, depending on how hardcore of an accountant they are. But it's the definition that really highlights this wall are. Simply click on the here to see what funny definition they've come up with this time.

Accountant Ugly Christmas Sweater

Are you familiar with the ugly Christmas sweater series of well, sweaters? They're a thing, Google it. Accountants are not spared from this fad and the sweater gods did this one really well (by that we mean really ugly). But hey, that's how this game is played. That old school receipt-printing calculator takes center stage with an accountant doing taxes up to. To make it Christmas-themed, well they added some reindeer at the bottom. Great way to annoy give an accountant a yuletide laugh. Link

Ledger Necktie

This next item can be funny, too, but we honestly think it falls under the awesome category more. Only a Certified Public Accountant can rock these, that's for sure. The necktie literally looks like the ledger paper, even the color. Available in these paper-like colors: sea foam, platinum, and celery. Standard and narrow width options are also available. Currently selling for [PRICE]. Click here to visit the product page.