15 Electrifyingly Funny Gifts for Electricians

World's Okayest Electrician T-Shirt

We all know the "Okayest" series of merchandise that has been cracking up okay professionals all over the world. Well, electricians were definitely not spared. Give this shirt to your favorite electrician—be it real, licensed one that you happen to know, or just some handyman (or woman) wannabe in your family. Either way, they would be proudly wearing this in no time. Available in different shirt colors. Check out the link for more details.

Electrician Hourly Rate T-Shirt

Let's get the funny shirts out of the way first because these are probably the most useful of gifts. How much should an electrician properly charge? We all know someone who is always trying to squeeze their way out of paying the proper amount for services rendered, and electricians are all too familiar with this. Tell them to wear this hilarious shirt when they are on the job; it should at least get their client's attention and think that they are not to be messed with—fee wise.

"Can I Get a Watt Watt" Mug

Quite clever, this mug. Of course, if you do not get what that is a parody of, you are either too old or too young. It was from a Jay-Z song from 1998. Wow, has it been that long ago? Of course, replace the words with watt and you have a song made especially for electricians. Actually, you will soon find out that this saying appears in a number of printed-on items. This first one is obviously for a mug. Holds 11 ounces and topnotch quality.

Electricians Joke Book

Yes, such a book exists. I mean, if you want a funny gift, might as well give them a whole book of jokes made and aimed specifically for electricians. The jokes in the book are current, and will shock and brighten up your day? (See what we did there?) Actually, this book is pretty new; it was published January of 2019. So get one now before every electrician has one and the jokes become old. Part of the Chester Croker series of joke books for different professions.

"I Love Strippers" Fine Print T-Shirt

Electricians love strippers, yes, but they know at first glance what that really means. Upon looking closer, you soon realize that there's some fine print in between. I love being an electrician. I get to play with strippers. Wire strippers, that is. Cool shirt that any electrician can rock. Available in 5 base colors. Follow the link for complete product details.

Save a Fuse T-Shirt

Funny, although quite naughty. But at least now you know how to save your fuses. Look, it either happens naturally with some help from the gods of electricity, or you get a free fuse. Heck, maybe even a complete service of your electrical system for free if you give a free blow. You get what we mean. Available in white, gray, black, and blue. Follow the link to get yours.

Electrician Definition T-Shirt

Quite possibly the funniest definition of an electrician is on this shirt. It reads, one who occasionally strips to make ends meet. I know you know what that means, but just in case, it is totally referring how electrical wires are stripped and spliced together. Of course, there's the stripper once again. Interesting how many stripper-electrician references there are (see previous shirt). Follow the link for color options.

The Naked Man Switchplate Cover

We know this thing has been out for a while now, but it's still really funny. And we also know that this is not an electrician-only gift (it could be anyone's, really), but they are around light switches so often that they're probably super bored with them. Hence, they need to rock these even more. Crack an electrician up. Silver lining, you know they can install these themselves—quickly and safely.

Electrician Belt Buckle

Not really sure where this would land in the funny scale but it sure is quirky. At least there's no denying that this belt buckle was clearly intended for electricians. I mean, if the electrical tools, switch, and outlet does not convince you, then maybe the huge "Electrician" at the top will. Made of high-quality zinc alloy. Measures 7 by 9 centimetres. Belt not included but it should fit most, if not all, belts.

LED Flashlight Gloves

Once again, this next product is not really fully onboard with the funny label, but no doubt is it lots of fun—and useful! Flashlight gloves for the ultimate in hands-free operation. Definitely a welcome gift to electricians as they always work in dark, cramped spaces, and sometimes a helping hand is not always available. And the best part is they're only two-finger gloves, so you still have full dexterity and use of all your fingers.

Personalized Electrician Christmas Ornament

Cute and quite timely, this Christmas tree ornament can be customized with a name and the year. It may be not as funny, but it sure is unique and cool. Each ornament is handmade from durable medium-density fiberboard and coated with a high-gloss plastic finish. They measure approximately 2.75 inches in diameter. Put your order in before it's too late! Costs [PRICE]. Click here to get one.

I Cut Wires Coffee Mug

Here's another one of those occupation-related merchandise that pokes fun at their spelling skills. Well, it's that they're so centered on their chosen livelihood that they've forgotten about everything else. Kind of like how engineers are good at math and nothing else. So here, they simply say they cut wires for a living. Makes perfect sense, though. Available in two base colors. Follow this link to get one for your electrician friend.

Electrician Pencils

Electricians should have their own pencils. And by that, we mean pencils that unmistakably belongs to one. How is that possible? Well, check out the writings near the edge of these pencils. "All amped up," "balance of power," "shock and awe." Who else would these be made for? You get the idea. Just a little something cute and affordable to consider giving your electrician friend. Can be bought with an optional pencil pouch. Product link

Magnetic Wristband for Screws and Tools

While this is not really a funny gift, it is still quite quirky. Plus, it's very handy and not at all expensive so you might want to consider bundling it up with the other great suggestions from this list. The KUSONKEY magnetic wristband has 15 magnets that are strong enough to hold screws, nails, nuts, bolts, small tools like drill bits, etc. If you know the slightest bit about handy work you could just imagine how helpful this thing can be. Link

Retired Electrician Mug

Here's a funny electrician gift that's a little more laser targeted—funny gifts for retired electricians! There's a bunch of them out there, surely, so why not give them something they can laugh about and at the same time commemorate their once storied careers. This mug goes, Retired Electrician, Nothing Can Shock Me. Funny with a simple design on a mug that they can use for the rest of their lives. Link