8 Funny Elopement Gift Ideas

Congrats Wedding Card

Let's start with something bittersweet. After all, we assume you weren't invited to the wedding, right? This card says “Congrats Fudgers,” except that the word fudgers does not exist so I'm sure you know what's in place of it. It's a simple card, measures 5.5 by 4.25 (A2), so just a small token of congrats to the newly-eloped couple or an add-on to your bigger gift. Check this link for more details.

Elopement Candle

Well, this next gift idea is a candle. Not sure what that has to do with getting married but candles are nice, smell good, and is a safe gift to anyone. But, add to that the message this candle has, then it makes for a perfect elopement gift. “Holy shit you got married!” is probably what you and all the others said after finding out the couple you plan on gifting eloped. Different Sizes and scents available. Link

Funny Elopement T-Shirt

This shirt reads, “Too cheap to pay for my own wedding.” If you know a couple close to you who eloped, chances are you were mighty surprised to hear the news. Which means, they skipped the party and inviting your group altogether. And now they want presents? Give them this shirt so they know what's what. Just be sure you're close enough that they do not get offended. Available in four colors. Link

Hashtag Eloper Coffee Mug

Hashtag eloper. If you want to poke fun at someone who eloped in a way that they will be reminded of what they are for the rest of their days, then do give this mug some consideration. Because that they are—an #eloper. Anyway, not sure if this falls under the funny category but there are not a lot of elopement gift ideas out there so this will do. Available in two sizes. Click here.

Friends-Themed Elopement Tee

By friends we mean Friends, the popular comedy series from the late nineties. If you're old enough to have seen that, then you would know that the text style and wording on this shirt follows the show's naming convention for their episodes (hence, the season 20, episode 22 text). So yes, this is the one where you or your friends eloped. Check out the product page from this link.

We Eloped Wooden Sign

“We do, we did, we eloped,” is probably what you or someone you know who eloped says every time the question pops. “Did you get married?” Show them the sign. Done. Available as a 6 by 12 or a smaller 4 by 8 inches. Great display piece to commemorate an elopement, as well. Rustic theme; linen rope also included. Check out the product link here.

Honeymoon Sand Container

Not sure about you but we find this gift hilarious! Hilariously cute, at least. The only problem is, it's not specifically an elopement present. It can be a regular wedding gift or token, with just a tad bit leaning towards a couple who eloped. Genius product as well, since you're only giving away a cheap bottle thingy. At least the seller was clever enough to include a wedding-themed pouch.

Couples Ring Finger Glass Set

Again, this is just a funny wedding present that gives a little more sting when you give it as an elopement gift. Two glasses—your choice on what kind of drinkware, by the way—with the graphic of two hands giving the finger. Only it's the ring finger, so it's just an illusion of up yours. Maybe if you give this for a couple who eloped you're saying, “Up yours for not inviting us!” Link