10 Taco Gifts That Will Surely Shell Out the Laughs

Taco Slippers

If you know someone who can't get enough tacos, anything, even the most absurd idea for a taco-themed gift should work. Slippers, for example. What's the relationship, you ask? Nothing. Someone probably thought they would make a good shoe. So yes, taco slippers are a thing. Obviously it's not meant for the outside world (it should be!), but still, your taco loving friend can keep their feet warm while thinking of the next taco that they will eat. Click here for the product page.

Funny Taco Socks

“If you can read this, bring me some tacos,” says these socks. Best of all, they're printed on the bottom, so you know what that means. That taco-loving fella is probably chilling on his bed or couch, feet up, wasting away on the television. But of course they can use them as regular, outside-world socks as they're also designed with tacos, cheese, peppers, hot sauce—all the good taco stuff. Funny taco gift idea number two, socks. Stay tuned for more. One size fits most. Link

Tacos Are My Valentine Sweatshirt

Here's a sweatshirt that we will say, is primarily for our female taco lovers. Yes, don't think for a second that you can out-eat a hungry taco mama. Product page actually indicates unisex fit, but it's safe to say that their marketing materials, photos and all, are geared towards the female of the species. Available in five colors with six sizing options. Excellent gift option any taco lover who sees the humor in being single. Click here to check out the product page.

Check Out My Six Pack Shirt

And what do you think the six-pack refers to here? A six-pack of tacos, of course! Beer, yes sure that applies as well. But for the time being, tacos are it. Excellent gift idea for any hardcore taco fan. Also a great gift for foodies, uniform for any taco-themed party, giveaways. Mighty affordable at only [PRICE] also. Do check out the product page to confirm its current price. Funny taco shirt number one, but you know there's more. Continue browsing below.

Funny Tacos Grammar T-Shirt

Make sure to read this shirt closely of you want to get the full story. Because yes, a simple comma can mean a night and day difference to what someone feels about something. No more tacos? As in you don't want any more tacos? I doubt it. No, more tacos please! Yes, that's the one. Unisex tee. Available in seven sizes so all walks of life are covered. 20+ colors as well. Check out the product listing from this link.

Taco Fanny Pack

What screams, I have given up and just want to be comfortable? Not sure what the top answer would be but we're sure fanny packs are up there on that list. And if you know someone who has an unreasonable amount of love for tacos, then I'm sure they won't minding wearing a fanny pack in the image and likeness of a taco. Because why not? Dual zippered sections for all your everyday-carry stuff plus a beer holder. What more can they ask for? Check it out here.

Taco vs. Burrito Card Game

One of the first things you might notice on the box of this game is that it's for ages 7+. In short, for kids. But technically, 7+ means onwards to forever, right? And I bet it's going to be wild when adults come to play. This next taco gift is not only funny, but fun as well. There's a big difference. Highly recommended for taco lovers with families, or taco-loving families. Click here to check out the product.

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy Sign

“You can’t make everyone happy, you're not a taco,” says this sign. And it cannot be more true. Wooden sign that has that distressed look. Measures 5 by 7 inches. Excellent for tabletops and shelves, but can also be wall mounted. Excellent, semi-funny gift for a taco lover. Thousands sold with over 1,200+ reviews. Check out the product page here. Continue reading for more lighthearted taco-themed gifts.

Tacos & Tequila Doormat

If you know someone who loves tacos, chances are they love tequila as well. After all, both are Mexican national treasures. Anyway, this welcoming doormat announces said love for both by admitting that their house runs on them. Pretty, freaking honest if you ask me. Anyway, I don't think there's a doormat more apt for your taco-loving friend. Consider this as a gift for homeowners who love the traditional Mexican dish. Available in different sizes. Click here.

Funny Taco Mug #1

Mugs are always a great safe gift idea, and here we have our first funny taco-themed mug. “I get emotional whenever I think tacos,” says this mug. And I'm sure us taco addicts can all agree. We would all be proud to flaunt this mug anywhere, to be honest. Cool, not-just-plain-text design as well. Available as an 11-ounce mug. Handmade ceramic; design is printed on both sides. Click here to check availability.