9 Gifts for Criminology Students That Will Solve Your Gifting Dilemma

If you have a criminology student in your life, you know they have a passion for unraveling mysteries and delving into the intricate workings of the criminal mind. Surprise them with a gift that reflects their love for all things crime-related. We've curated a list of unique and fun gift suggestions that will bring joy to any aspiring crime solver. Check them out below.

"Crime Scene Investigation Kit":
Turn their room into a miniature crime lab with a crime scene investigation kit. Complete with fingerprint dusting powder, evidence collection tools, and forensic testing materials, this kit allows them to solve mock crime scenes and put their investigative skills to the test.

"Forensic Science Puzzle":
Challenge their problem-solving abilities with a forensic science-themed puzzle. Choose one that features fingerprint patterns, DNA sequences, or crime scene illustrations, making it both entertaining and educational.

"True Crime Books":
Feed their fascination for real-life crime stories with gripping true crime books. From famous criminal cases to the minds of serial killers, there's a vast selection of captivating reads that will keep them engrossed in the world of criminology.

"Mug with Mugshots":
Add a touch of criminal flair to their morning routine with a mug featuring famous mugshots. They can sip their favorite beverage while contemplating the lives and crimes of notorious individuals like Al Capone or Bonnie and Clyde.

"Crime-Solving Board Game":
Bring out their inner detective with a crime-solving board game. These games immerse players in thrilling mysteries where they must gather clues, interrogate suspects, and solve complex cases. It's an exciting way to test their deductive reasoning skills.

"Criminal Profiling Kit":
For those interested in criminal psychology, a criminal profiling kit can be a fascinating gift. It typically includes books, reference guides, and case studies on profiling techniques, allowing them to delve deeper into the minds of criminals.

"Serial Podcast Subscription":
Fuel their obsession with true crime by gifting them a subscription to a popular true crime podcast like "Serial." They can listen to gripping storytelling and dive into intriguing cases while commuting or during study breaks.

"Crime Documentary DVD Set":
Expand their knowledge of criminal investigations with a collection of crime documentary DVDs. From unsolved mysteries to historical crime documentaries, this gift will provide hours of educational and captivating viewing.

"Forensic Science T-Shirt":
Let them showcase their love for forensic science with a witty and unique t-shirt. Look for designs that feature clever crime scene-related slogans or forensic-themed artwork, allowing them to display their passion with style.

Finding the perfect gift for a criminology student can be a thrilling challenge. By selecting unique and fun presents that cater to their investigative spirit, you'll undoubtedly bring joy to their journey of unraveling mysteries. Embrace their fascination with the criminal mind and make your gift one they won't forget.