Top 10 Gifts for Danganronpa Fans That Are Not Wrong

Danganronpa Figures and Display Things

Kyoko Kirigiri Bunny Girl Figure

Trust us when we say that Kyoko Kirigiri is a fan favorite. For one, well, she survived. But let's not do spoilers here. The only thing you need to know—as the gift giver to a fan—is that Kyoko is a popular character in the Danganronpa universe. And these figures are already considered collectables, which is why they do not come cheap. But we guarantee they will love this no matter what.

Monokuma PVC Display Figure

Who better to suggest next (what better?) than the evil headmaster itself. The black and white bear that is the stuff nightmares are made of—Monokuma. Of course if you are unfamiliar with the show, this odd-looking thing right here is the main antagonist if you will. The one who controls the students and like the lovely Kyoko Kirigiri above. Measures 10 centimeters tall. Click here.

Toko Fukawa Acrylic Night Light

Here we featured another well-loved character, Toko Fukawa, but you have to understand that most of the characters have their own version of this cool acrylic light standee. It's clear so it's dual sided, and the LED lighting goes through the outline giving a clear image of your favorite Danganronpa student in the dark. Strong enough to act as a night light with a very low power consumption because of the LEDs. Click here to check it out.

Danganronpa Apparel

Monokuma Hoodie Jacket

Best thing about this jacket is that it carries Monokuma's black-white, two-personality appearance. Plus you get the complete head on the hood itself. You can almost use this for cosplay purposes. Brand is called GK-O and is sold by a popular Japanese-themed store. Click here if you want to consider this as a gift. Just make sure to make adjustments for Asian sizing.

Monokuma Black and White Shirt

This would be the tee version of the hoodie above, I guess. Unisex shirt that Danganronpa fans will surely get in an instant. Crewneck, short sleeves, mix of premium cotton and polyester for top comfort. Top-quality printing that will not fade for years. Embody the evil headmaster with this tee, check it out on the succeeding link. Sizing for all walks of life available. Link to product page.

Nagito Komaeda T-Shirt

Nagito Komaeda is a character from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. This shirt is an actual replica of what he wore throughout the season. It's very unique and does not mean much to anyone else so it's definitely a fan thing. That red design on the front with those two interlocking hooks, we don't really know what it means, to be honest, but he has owned it. Made by GK-O. Check it out from this link.

Danganronpa Custom Anime Shoes

For this listing, we are going to basically cover custom-made Danganronpa shoes—because there are many—and not just this Junko Enoshima design. As of today we have seen six other designs for the major characters, so simply check the link below and select your favorite character. Wide variety of sizes available from kids to giants. Jordan-style design with quality materials used. Click here and select your bet.

Danganronpa Accessories

Danganronpa Luminous Backpack With Laptop Compartment

Here's a gift idea that is not only practical, but is quite affordable just plain nice. Any fan will surely rock this and replace their old school bag. On the main display we have a luminous Monokuma print (yes, as in glow in the dark). You have space for a water bottle on the side and inside, well, you can basically store anything with the bonus of securing your laptop in that cushioned slot. Click on this link to check out the other features.

Kokichi Oma Cosplay Wig

While this might not be for everybody, it's still quite fun to own a Kokichi Oma wig. You know, just in case. Besides, a non-fan might also still be impressed with this hairstyle because of the pointed-tip anime signature cues. Purplish in color (of course). Made from eco-friendly material; looks real and natural. One size fits all. Click here if you are interested to give this as a gift.

Monokuma Keychain

Here's a simple, affordable gift that you can give to any fan casually. It's a Monokuma keychain made from flexible PVC material. Lightweight and soft, so it does not dangle around and make noise like metal ones. Comes with its own keyring and belt loop lock. Measures approximately 4 inches tall so it's not that small. Check it out here.