10 Gifts for Downhill Mountain Bikers That Are Somewhat Affordable

A Decent Pair of Goggles

While other safety gear like helmets and pads are more rider-specific, goggles are a bit more universal. It's pretty much just one size because it needs to fit on the outside of the helmet. Also, a good pair will not set you back that much; you can get decent, pro-caliber goggles for around $60. And there are a lot to choose from—brands such as 100%, Fly Racing, Leatt—all of which you will see from this link. Best of all, much like shades, these are of the-more-the-merrier philosophy when it comes to owning more than one.

Fork Fenders

Mountain bike fork fenders make good gifts for a number of reasons. First, almost all downhill mountain bikers use them because of necessity (it prevents mud and rocks from hitting or distracting them). Next, they're fairly affordable. Third, it can change the overall look of the bike with a very simple modification. And finally, they can get really worn out that replacing them often is good practice. Check out brands such as RockShox, All Mountain Style, Fox, RideWrap and more from this link.

Bike Cleaner Spray

Given that downhill riders ride their bikes almost exclusively on, well, hills, you can just imagine how much dirt and grime their bikes get on a regular basis. Unless they are sponsored riders, they probably their own cleaning. Giving a bike cleaner spray such as the Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner will surely not go to waste and will therefore be a meaningful gift. Check out the Nano Tech and other bike cleaners here.

Personalized Mountain Biker Greeting Card

If all else fails, a greeting card always works. Besides, none can be more mountain bike-specific than this one. And it's personalized, too! Someone from Etsy makes these really cool greeting cards that mimic the silhouette of a mountain biker—and they're going downhill! It looks like and enduro bike, though but we're just being too picky. Check out the card maker here, and also they can send it directly to the recipient so that's a definite plus.

I Don't Crash T-Shirt

Here's a t-shirt that a downhill mountain biker can proudly wear on non-riding days. It reads, "I dont crash, I do random gravity checks." Now that's something that resonates well with downhill riders who we know are of the more-hardcore, always-sending-it biker breed. Such steeze on one shirt. Available in all sizes and fits, and as tanks, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Click this link for more info.

Stan's NoTubes Dart Tool

If you know nothing about bikes but still need to give something to a mountain biker, you could consider this dart tool which is used to repair larger punctures on mountain bike tires. If you must know, most modern bikes now run tubeless set-ups on their tires—which generally prevents most punctures. But, since downhill riders ride the gnarliest of terrains, flats do still happen. These are basically hole plugs that can at least get a rider safely back to camp. Link

Tire Sealant

We know this might sound like a very boring, corny gift, but if you are gifting to someone who is very practical and already has everything downhill mountain bike-related, tire sealant can be a godsend. Much like cleaning products, tire sealant is also a sort of maintenance product so it is often replaced. Of course, one of the most-used sealants in the industry is Stan's Tire Sealant so that is what we linked.

Topeak SmartGauge D2

Dare we say it, this is the Ferrari of digital gauges. 5,000+ positive ratings on Amazon.com alone should already seal the deal, but let's do some more convincing. Mountain bikers—especially downhill riders—are very particular with tire pressures because they ride many, many kids of surfaces (unlike road bikers). Running different pressures on different trails can be advantageous on grip and safety, and of course, speed. While there are many digital tire pressure gauges in the market, the D2 has is very bike specific as it is made by a bike brand. Trust us, they will love this. Link

Protective Gloves

Gloves may be a bit trickier when given as a gift but not as confusing as, say, actual bike components. The only problem with gloves is the size. As for the particular model, we are here to help you with that. For example, the one on the photo are the Race Face Stage gloves, which are specifically designed for gravity/downhill riders. It has a generous amount of protection on the palm area, which is very important during a crash. If you want to look for other options, simply filter by category and select gravity, mountain, or downhill. Any rider would appreciate an extra pair.

A Gift Card

Look, if all else fails, a gift card can do no wrong. Downhill mountain bikers, like most passion-centered people, are very particular with their equipment and brands. A gift card, as boring as it may sound, will actually better in the long run by saving the guesswork and avoiding unwanted or double things. Get one from a reputable, bike-specific store like Jenson USA. We're sure they will be able to get anything they need from such stores.