Wait for It: 11 Legendary Gifts for How I Met Your Mother Fans

A Yellow Umbrella

Not much can be said about this thing—as an umbrella, that is—except that it is what it is. But we do know that the product page lists it as Ted's Yellow Umbrella so you know it's as close to the one used in the show as possible. Besides, the only unique detail of the one used in HIMYM is that it has a J-handle at the end. And so does this. It's a yellow umbrella; not sure what else to say, but if you are a true fan you know what this means.

Miniature Blue French Horn

Here's another one of those things that only true fans will understand. A blue french horn—okay, what about it? If you, as the gift-giver, know nothing about the show, trust us, this thing is as symbolic as the yellow umbrella. It appeared on the pilot episode and on the very last episode (and some in between). Of course giving an actual french horn is not that practical, so you can probably get away with this miniature. Besides, it comes with its own presentable box so it was really meant to be given as a present.

How I Met Your Mother The Complete Series DVD

Chances are, your How I Met Your Mother fan friend already has the complete series hidden somewhere in their digital archive. Or, better yet, Netflix (currently). But nothing beats owning something tangible and displayable like this boxed set. It has 28 DVDs in all and includes some interesting inlays, and of course bonus footage for each individual season. Totally worth it, if you ask me.

The Bro Code Book

If you must know, The Bro Code is an actual book. Or, they turned it into one. But this is definitely a must-have for hardcore fans—especially that of the male population. It has 195 pages of bro wisdom, and is actually very helpful if you find yourself in tricky bro-or-you-know-what type situations. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of The Barnacle. Available in paperback, audio CD, and even in Kindle.

Blue French Horn and Yellow Umbrella Necklace

If you want two of the most important, iconic symbols tied to the show, then this necklace is what you need. It has both as a pendant, with the option to take each off—maybe just keep one as a necklace pendant, or move both as key chain or bracelet trinkets. Totally up to you. Blue french horn is plastic and umbrella is metal. Comes with a basic silver chain. Excellent gifts for fans and is mighty affordable, too, at only [PRICE].

Blue French Horn Prop Replica

Need a bigger blue french horn? By the way, yes, what did you expect? Of course this list was going to be ridden with blue french horns. Anyway, this one measures 12 inches tall, about 5 inches wide with a depth of 3 inches. This one is only one-sided—meaning cut in half. That way you can mount it on a wall flush. Custom-painted blue like on the show and made from resin. Check the link for more details.

MacLaren's Pub T-Shirt

If MacLaren's Pub were human, it would be the sixth lead on the series. Needless to say, it is as iconic as the main starts of the show. Think Central Perk on Friends. (Which reminds us, we should make a Friends fan gift list.) Here is the unofficial official shirt of the bar, in its exact logo and location. It doesn't say How I Met Your Mother anywhere on the tee, but a true fan will understand.

Barney Stinson Funko Pop!

These Funko Pop! things sure are everywhere, so there's no reason our favorite show of all time would have no representation. Actually, and sadly, they only have 2 of the 5 characters made. This one, obviously, being Barney Stinson. Drink in hand and wearing a suit—how else would you imagine Barney as? They got it perfectly. Standard Pop! size at three-and-a-quarter inches tall. Follow the link to get yours now.

Ted Mosby Funko Pop!

Like we said, we have two of the five characters represented and even though you have your own favorite character in mind, it would be weird not to have one for Ted. After all, he is the one who gets to meet the mother. For all you hardcore fans, I'm sure you understand why he is holding a blue French horn (and also suited up!). If not, see the clues from the other products above. I think Barney and Ted are also available as a set. Follow the link for more information.

Challenge Accepted Shot Glass

Any How I Met Your Mother fan knows the significance of the phrase "challenge accepted" to the show. Heck, everyone and their mother use the phrase every so often probably without even knowing where it came from. Of course, it's Barney Stinson's very own way of, well, challenging himself. From picking up girls to absurd, one-of-a-kind stunts. Comes a set of two—because you need someone to toast to, right?

The Playbook Paperback

From the bestselling author of The Bro Code comes another masterpiece in the written world of being awesome and scoring chicks—The Playbook. Real fans know the significance of this book in the HIMYM universe. In fact, they have dedicated a full episode just for it. Trust us, any fan would enjoy keeping this. It's a simple, hilarious, light read so it's all in good fun. Link