Top 10 Gifts for Parents of (Older) Twins

Game of Twins T-Shirt

If you are familiar with the hit series Game of Thrones (who isn't?), then you would know that the whole series revolves around the themes of deception, lies, politics, who-goes-to-the-top, etc. You know, regular, old no-holds-barred do everything to get what you want. Much like raising twins. Yes, only parents of twins know the trials and tribulations of raising of of something very similar, but not. This shirt pretty much sums it up in three words.

Dad of Twins Overachiever T-Shirt

Come to think of it, parents of twins are, to the strictest sense, overachievers. Being able to make one human is tough enough, but some are just so blessed that they literally do the same thing everyone else is doing but get two for one. I'm sure dads of twins all over the world love dwelling on this fact as much as they can. Reward them for it with this simple and straightforward t-shirt. Follow the link for options.

"You Can't Scare Me, I Have Twins" Women's T-Shirt

Here's one for the moms. This tee speaks nothing but the truth. You really can't scare moms of twins. What else can be scarier than raising two similar, but completely opposite terrors. Kidding. But seriously, raising one is tough enough. Try two; at the same time. Pretty cool shirt that moms of twins probably would not buy on their own, but as a gift, now we're talking. Check out the link for complete product details.

Because Twins Wine Goblet

Raising twins is hard. I think we have established that since the beginning of this list. And because of that, parents (of twins), as we're sure of, love capping the responsibility-laden day with a drink (or two). A nightcap, I believe, is what they call that. So, let them have their own wine goblet that summarizes the reason why they're drinking—in just two words. This way, they won't lose track of why. Kidding. In a way. Bottom line, this wine goblet rules.

Dad-Twins Battery Level Mug

This awesome mug pretty much sums up the life of dads of twins with a very simple but very time-relevant graphic. Two full bars of batteries, and one on the verge of being empty. Heck, this might even be applicable to dads of non-twins knowing how much energy these kids generate from their small bodies. Mug is available in black or white. 11-ounce capacity; ceramic. Follow the succeeding link to check it out.

Because Twins Glass Set

I guess we should have posted this earlier. If you want a his-and-hers version of the Because Twins Wine Goblet, you can get this one paired with a beer glass already. Beer glass for dad, wine glass for mom. Best of all, it will only cost you [PRICE]. Even better, you have to option to ship it with a gift tote. Check the link for options, including up to 20+ glass color choices.

Minivan Owner T-Shirt

As if having twins is not rare enough, this next item dives even deeper to a more specific niche—minivan-owning parents of twins. But when you think about it, it does make sense. Families with twins, more often than not, own minivans. Why? Because they're practical, comfortable, and can basically handle everything including rowdy kids. So yes, this will come out as a very special and and very unique gift for twin parents.

The Parent Trap (1961) DVD

We reckon, all parents of twins should watch this movie. But wait, we do understand that The Parent Trap is a popular movie, and you're probably thinking, really? No, this is not the Lindsay Lohan film—you know, the one with the two Lindsay Lohans wherein they didn't even bother to cast real twins for the part? This is the original, 1961 version of that. Bet you didn't know it was already a remake. Which is why they probably won't either, ergo, great gift.

Straight Outta Money T-Shirt

This cool shirt is targeted a little more towards OG parents. If you understood that, you already know why this gift makes sense. Okay, the presentation of the text is an homage to Straight Outta Compton, the 2015 film about the rap group N.W.A. Actually, they've been using that phrase in their songs before long. Anyway, straight outta money—damn straight every twin parent knows this. Click here for more details.

Christmas Twin Boys Ornament

Okay, we said older twins but this is still mighty cute. Besides, who would want grown-up boys as Christmas tree ornaments? You can also personalize this with names and/or their birth date, or both! Made from resin so it's not fragile. Measures approximately 2 inches tall, and about 4 inches wide. Get yours now! Each item is personalized so they might get swamped with orders soon. Click here for the product page.