Ungifted: Top 10 Gifts for Slipknot Fans

Slipknot Music and Videos

We Are Not Your Kind (Album)

We Are Not Your Kind is the latest album of the band (2019), but it is also hailed as one of their best releases. If you plan to give this as a gift, chances are the receiver already has a copy. So might we suggest getting the vinyl edition, as those are more collectible, although slightly more expensive.

Slipknot (Debut Album) 10th Anniversary Reissue

We follow the latest album with, of course, the first album. The self-titled Slipknot album that was released in 1999, and of course jumpstarted the career of the band. It includes the classics such as "Eyeless" and "Wait and Bleed", and this 10th anniversary reissue of course contains some cool add-ons. Click here for the product page.

Day of the Gusano: Live in Mexico (Blu-ray)

While most, if not all, concerts are accessible via the internet, nothing beats owning and original copy in a tangible disc format. The 2017 concert was only their second live release, and features the debuts of bassist Alessandro Venturella and drummer Jay Weinberg. Available in both Blu-ray and DVD. Click here.

The Masks

Corey Mask

What better way than to start with the literal voice of the band. Here is Corey Taylor's mask, official merchandise, made by popular costume maker Rubie's. Made with latex, faux leather, buckles, and studs. This is the real deal, folks. Link

Clown Mask

Look, we're gonna list most, if not all, the members' masks here because of course, it's a gift guide. All of these are official merchandise so you can simply follow any link and choose whoever-you're-gonna-give-to's favorite band member. The Clown is usually the second most iconic—mask-wise—because of his crazy stage antics. Link

Craig Mask

Up next we have what is undoubtedly the most impractical, or hardest to wear in public, mask. The one that of Craig Jones (or #5 if you really wanna go old school Slipknot). Unsurprisingly, this is also the most expensive. Of course, if you plan on wearing this, you best keep your mouth shut. One size only.

Slipknot Apparel

Iowa Logo T-Shirt

Red Iowa logo tee set above the Slipknot logo. This shirt rocks balls. Official merchandise sold on the official merch store. Eeyore the goat is also on the back. This, by the way, is part of the 20th anniversary (of the Iowa album) collection.

Slipknot Pullover Hoodie

This super cool hoodie—if gifted—will definitely not go unappreciated, especially to the younger fans. Made from a quality mixture of cotton and polyester and is available in black and dark heather bases. It has prints on the front and back. Authentic, licensed Bravado merchandise. Check this link out for the product page.

Slipknot Funko Pop! Rocks

Only three members to date (2021) have been immortalized by Funko, see below.

Corey Taylor Funko Pop!

Corey gets first nod, of course. He's the front man and as much as we want to treat them all as equals, he remains the proverbial face of the band. While Corey and the rest have had multiple mask looks, Funko chose to go with the most current state as seen on the We Are Not Your Kind album cycle. Get your hands on these fast, they were released just this year (2021) and are on a limited run.

Craig Jones Funko Pop!

Not surprised that Craig got one of the three Funko allotments as he has one of the most over-the-top masks. Experts say that Jones did not really wear a blue jumpsuit in the tour that supported the 2019 record but who cares. The mask alone sells itself. Click here for the product page.