10 Best Gifts for Someone Who Loves Lamborghini

Torino Lamborghini Intenso

Lamborghini is such a well-planned company that they have narrowed the profile of would-be drivers of their cars down to their scent. Their official fragrance segment is Torino Lamborghini and one of their bestselling perfumes is Intenso. Obviously from the word “intense,” which is kind of similar to the experience of driving a bull. Fragrance contains hints of amber, vanilla, and leather. Click here to check it out.

Torino Lamborghini Prestigio

Up next we have Prestigio for men, which is probably the same feeling every Lamborghini owner feeling gets when they ride their car. As per the product description, “the oriental spicy fragrance named Prestigio is the embodiment of passion and virility, created as a fragrant weapon of seduction.” Like we suspect, much like their automobiles. Includes hints of citrus, vanilla, amber, cinnamon, etc. Check it out from this link.

Automobili Lamborghini Black Leather Jacket

If you want to look the balls, then a leather jacket is one surefire way to go. Classic, elegant look that goes well multiple ways—be it casually or semi-formally. Plus not to mention the fact that leather is a very good way of keeping warm. What better way to rock the leather jacket look for someone who loves Lambos than with their official apparel brand. This is one of the variants; it's a padded bomber jacket that features a fleece hood topped of with a shield logo patch on the chest. Check it out from this link.

3-Panel Lamborghini Wall Art

Our first option for more affordable Lamborghini gifts, we have this three-piece wall photo display thing. I mean, it's just much more dramatic and artsy like that (split into three). Each piece measures 40 by 20 inches so you have a lot of wall to cover. And of course, the subject in question, the beautiful Huracán Spyder (pre-facelift) set in a very cinematic, dramatic pose. Any Lamborghini lover—owner or not—will surely freak when they get this.

Lamborghini Shield Logo Wood Sign

What we have right here is a laser-cut wood sign of the Lamborghini shield logo. Yes, that's a solid piece of wood, 4 millimeters thick. You can have it colored any way you like, and is also available in four sizes. Great as a wall hanging or a standee on a shelf for any Lamborghini fan. Affordable gift that is unique and somewhat bespoke, so it would be hard to find someone with something similar. Click here if you are considering this to give as a gift.

Official Lamborghini Scale Models

Lamborghini Huracán Evo 1:43 Scale Model

Let us be straightforward with you about this scale model, it's [PRICE] and it's about the size of a Matchbox. Now for some—especially those who are actual Lambo owners—that is a non-issue. But we understand that some of you just love the brand and simply drive normal cars. All we're saying is this is simply the price one has to pay to own official, Lamborghini-approved scale models. This Huracán in particular is made by Looksmart and is being sold on the official Lamborghini website.

Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder 1:18 Scale Model

Now, if you want something bigger and more displayable, 1:18 scale is the way to go. It has been the standard for display models for quite some time, and it will look good on any desk or shelf. However, and once again we understand that this is not an issue for some of you, be prepared to pay [PRICE] for this Lamborghini-branded one. But yeah, quality is what you'd expect for the price, as with any Lamborghini product. Click here for the Huracán Evo Spyder scale model.

Lamborghini Huracán STO 1:18 Scale Model

If you want the latest Huracán variant, the track-focused STO (Super Trofeo Omologato) is the way to go. That light blue and orange color scheme alone is one to die for. Even cooler is they already have it in 1:18 scale, so if you have no means (yet) to own the life-sized version, then this is your only choice. And, for anyone who loves Lamborghini, receiving this as a gift is definitely a welcome surprise—I know I would freak if I get one. Click here to check it out.

Lamborghini Apparel

Lamborghini Padded Gray Jacket

If you know someone who loves Lamborghini like a religion, they would surely love this super chic Automobili Lamborghini jacket that uses recycled materials for its padding. Talk about design and sustainability. So yeah, your gift receiver should at least live in or frequent cold weather places because this will make them as hot as driving the real thing. Oh, but be prepared to spend a premium, though. Although last we checked there was a discount on the Lamborghini website.

Junior Shield Logo Sweatshirt

This next piece of clothing is for the young ones. Yes, we never leave the kids out of these lists because they are some of the most passionate customers ever. What we have here is a junior-sized official Automobili Lamborghini branded sweater here with the multicolored embroidered shield logo. It also features ribbed bottom, cuffs, and collar. Available in black, and yellow base sweatshirts. Click here to check out the sizing options.