Gangster Merchandise: 17 Gift Ideas for The Sopranos Lovers

The Sopranos Media (Videos)

The Sopranos: The Complete Series Blu-ray

Okay, let's get this out of the way as early as possible. While this makes for an excellent gift for any The Sopranos fan, chances are they probably own it already. And since our aim is to publish gift guides that do not state the very obvious gifts. Either way, link to the boxed set below. Available in Blu-ray and DVD—with lots and lots of extra footage and commentaries fans will surely love. Link

Books Related to The Sopranos

The Sopranos Family Cookbook

Want to know what it's like to eat at the most famous fictional Italian mafia hangout Vesuvio's? Wonder no more; this (legit) cookbook was compiled by Artie Bucco himself. But seriously, this book is so well laid out, you would think most of the stories actually happened. But of course they did, so long as you don't break character. But really, the recipes are real and they are actually good. Link

Entertaining with the Sopranos Cookbook

Capitalizing on the popularity of The Sopranos Family Cookbook, the same group of writers—Allen Rucker, Michele Scicolone, and David Chase—wrote a follow-up. But this time from the point of view of Mrs. Soprano herself, Carmela Soprano. Of course it has the same in-character tone as the first one, and also, the same kick-ass, quality recipes. Don't believe us? Check out the reviews from this link.

The Sopranos Sessions Book

If you're looking for a really good book about The Sopranos, this may be it. The Sopranos Sessions is a collection of episode recaps, conversations, interviews, and essays all about the award-winning show. It was co-written by TV critics Matt Zoller Seitz, Alan Sepinwall, and series creator David Chase. Besides, almost 400-plus mostly positive reviews on vouching for it should be enough convincing.

Woke up This Morning: The Definitive Oral History of the Sopranos

Check it out, The Sporanos lovers, Woke Up This Morning (full title: Woke up This Morning: The Definitive Oral History of the Sopranos) is a 2021-published book written by actual The Sopranos actors and hosts of the Talking Sopranos podcast, Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa. Look, the book is a New York Times Bestseller, garnering over a thousand-plus positive reviews within its first year so this baby should be able to sell itself easy. Check it out here.

The Sopranos Apparel

The Sopranos Cast and Logo T-Shirt

Unlike what we did with the mugs, we're not going to clump up all the shirts in one listing. Because, well, there are a bunch of nice shirts out there. This, we believe, deserves the top spot. Just a simple black-and-white cast photo, red logo, set on a black shirt. Classic. Gangster as fudge. Best of all? It's official franchise merchandise. Click on the link to check it out. Link

Bada Bing! Cap

What better way to celebrate the world's most famous fictional strip club than with this sick baseball cap? We know you're visualizing that logo every time you hear that sound. Embroidered graphic so you know it's top quality. Red on black; available from the official HBO store. More hats below. One size fits all (most adults, at least).

Soprano Family Names T-Shirt

The best thing about this shirt is that only triggers real The Sopranos lovers. It's cryptic to non-gangsters, but hits balls on for die-hard fans. I mean, the very combination of these four names is akin to the show's namesake, literally. After all, they are the Sopranos. So yes, trust us, this will make for a great gift for a fan. Click here to get one.

Bada Bing! Socks

Well, hey, you know we're gonna keep pumping out Bada Bing! merchandise, right? Socks! Of course. Full-on pattern print. Red logo on black socks. Super soft and stretchy, with reinforced toe and heel, and extra cushioning. The works. One-size-fits-all configuration should fit the vast majority of feet—both men and women. Click here to check them out.

"We're Just Like Any Other Family" Hoodie

"We're Just Like Any Other Family," says this hoodie, on gang-style font, white set on a black background so it looks the balls. Add to that that this is official, officially-licensed merchandise so they know who's boss. Printed on pre-shrunk cotton and polyester blend and available in 6 sizes. Size chart available on product page for those planning to gift this. Link

Bada Bing! T-Shirt

If you already have the cap, then you gotta have the shirt. Nothing better than flaunting the most iconic faux strip joint ever. Who knows, you might run into Silvio Dante wearing this shirt and maybe he'll give you a lap dance on the house. Not that you'd wanna buy toddlers and kids this shirt, but the seller added those sizes as well. Great quality with tons of positive reviews.

Paulie "I Gotta Watch TV" T-Shirt

Ah, Paulie Walnuts—great chef, great host, great, friend, loyal soldier, and of course, bottomless wisdom dropper. This quote comes at the expense of Chris, when during one of their family dinners where Paulie kept yapping about some bacteria shit, Chris says, "You see this on TV?" Then boom! Best accidental comedic duo ever. Only real fans would get this, which is why it makes a great gift. Check out the link for the product.

Gifts and Other Uncategorized The Sopranos Merchandise

The Sopranos Mug

You gotta have the mug! Okay, first and foremost, there are many kinds of Sopranos mugs available to this day. Only problem is, most of these are not officially licensed. If you're okay with that, you may click on the corresponding link to this item, scroll down and check out the many design options you can choose from. The one we showcased here, however, is the most "gangster."

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Signed Poster

Ah, Meadow Soprano. Now, depending on how big a fan your giftee is—and their sexual preference—a Jamie-Lynn Sigler autographed photo (authentic, of course) may or may not satisfy. There are quite a number of these out there, but the trick is to get from a reputable source. After all, it is quite pricey for just a photo. Multiple photo options are available. Just click on this link and choose.

Mafia Crossover Art Print

Any The Sopranos fan is guaranteed 100% a fan of the other gangster movie staples. The Godfather, Scarface, Goodfellas; this artwork combines all of the iconic mobsters from those films and then some. Powerful art, and definitely an excellent gift for gangster cinema fans. Textured print and comes framed. Available in two sizes. Check this link for complete details.

The Sopranos Cast Signed Photo Reprint

This, of course, is a reproduction. Besides autographs have lost their value over time—there's forgery and then there's the infamous selfie. But, it's still quite cool to have this up on a wall somewhere, perhaps in your man cave or something. 8 by 10 inches; printed on high-quality photo paper. Sold by Hollywood Signed, so you know it was really copied from an original. Link

Bada Bing! Key Fob

What about the keychain to Tony Soprano's office? This vintage-style motel key fob is hand-stamped using a vintage press, like how they used to make it. Measures approximately 3.5 inches long and comes with a keyring. Available in different colors. Slightly different designs—The Sopranos related, of course—are also available from the same link.