Top 10 Gifts for People Who Love Spam (Canned Meat)

Classic SPAM® T-Shirt

Let's start with the most basic, obvious gift—the classic SPAM® logo tee! Men's fit with sizes up to triple XL. Made by Tee Luv and printed on that signature navy heather background. Any spam lover would proudly wear this shirt. Bottom line, it's a cool retro shirt that is sure to catch attention wherever you go. Officially licensed merchandise. Click here to get one.

I Heart Spam Socks

Up next—Spam socks! After all, the most statement-making apparel are shirts and socks. And we say socks are easier to rock because they go well with just about anything. This one once again captures that Spam blue and yellow theme, with simple I Heart SPAM® Brand design. Made by Socksmith so you know it's quality. Crew-cut style with self-adjusting welt cuff. Click here to check it out.

I Heart Spam T-Shirt

Of course there's an I Heart Spam tee as well. Simple design and straight to the point. You, or whoever you plan on giving it to, wear this, and it would be easy to attract like-minded people. Best of all, it's available in all fits and sizes—men, women, and even youth. You can also select from 10 colors for the base tees. Click here to check out sizing and availability.

Spam Can Candle

Here's something unique for people who love (or hate) spam and well, nice scents. Dubbed the Spam CANdle, this upcycled can of our favorite canned meat is filled with natural soy wax and organic hemp wicks. Excellent gag gift that is also useful and practical. Available in 10 unique scents including chocolate, lemongrass, hot apple pie, and mocha latte among others. Also available unscented. Click here to check it out.

Spam Musubi Pin

Does it follow that anyone who loves Spam loves the musubi version as well? We think so. No better snack than a slice of marinated Spam on top of a block of rice held together by a strip of seaweed. And with this pin, you get to show your love for the heavenly creation. Measures 25 by 18 millimeters—quite small but vibrant enough to be distinguished. Wear it on a hat or put in on your bag. Click here to check it out.

Spam Christmas Tree Ornament

Here's another unique and interesting Spam-themed gift—a Christmas tree ornament! Okay, depending on what season you land on this gift list, this thing is not limited to being hung on a Christmas tree. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless. Hang it on your bag, use it as a necklace or keychain. Like we said, up to you! Image is laminated on birch plywood backing. 100% handmade. Click here to visit the product page.

Spam Print Fabric

If all else fails—and if you are somewhat crafty—consider making something out of this bare fabric with Spam printed all over it. Make your custom shirt, pants, bed sheet, pillowcase, cloth bag, apron, whatever. Or just give the damn fabric if you don't know how to make anything. Available per meter (or yard); 44 inches wide roll. Made primarily from cotton fiber. Click here to check out the product page.

Spam Socks #2

Of course we have more Spam-themed socks! For number two, we have a design that not only rocks the Spam logo, but the actual canned meat, as well. Printed on a combination of combed cotton and polyester are the can, the potted meat wholly, and some slices. These socks are sure to get any Spam lover's mouth watering! Make sure to include a can of Spam with your gift, then. Click here for the product page.

Spam Bracelet

Here's a very cute little bracelet that screams nothing but Spam lover for the wearer. Little, round Spam can trinkets with acrylic beads in a 100% handcrafted bracelet. Comes with a screw lock but can usually be slid on and off for easy of placement, for most adult wrists. Comes in a nice gift bad, as well, so you're good to go if you plan to give this as a gift. Click here to check out the maker's page.

Spam Face Mask

Well, we now live in a different time and if this were 2019 or earlier, this gift would have been a tad bit weird. Also, here's a good example of what you can make with the cloth fabric we recommended above. Available in adult and youth sizes, with an option to have a nose wire or not. Handmade from organza and cotton. Reusable, obviously, with adjustable ear loops. Click here to get your spam face mask or check out more details on the item and sizing.