10 Best Gifts for Ukulele Players (That Do Not Include Ukuleles)

Ukulele Strings

Tradition has it that we always choose the best possible gift as number one on all lists. For ukulele players, it was a bit tough (to find the best). So we went with something practical and can never go wrong. Strings! If you don't know, like most stringed instruments, ukuleles require constant string changing to always keep it sounding in top form. The only downside here, though, is it might be too simple a gift. Oh, and also, you kind of need to know the specific kind of ukulele that they play. Link

Ukulele Capo

You know what, why not combine this with the strings? They're both below $10 anyway. Besides, there's a high chance that the ukulele player you are going to give to already has a capo. Let's just hope they currently use a guitar capo—those work, but these are smaller, ergo more ukulele specific. Check out the different available colors on the succeeding link. And oh, this product has over about 1,300 ratings on Amazon.com, so yes, we did our research.

Ukulele T-Shirt #1

Like we always say, most, if not all, of our gift lists include t-shirts. Every passion or interest is a potential market for clever shirt makers. The ukulele niche is no exception. We put this at number one for the sheer ingenuity. Uke can do it! says this shirt, and if you didn't get that, well, I guess you didn't do it. Right? Available in five base colors and also in youth sizes. Product link here.

Ukulele Socks

Now that we are on a ukulele clothing roll, might as well show you the socks. Hey, socks are a great way to subtly announce a passion or hobby, ukulele playing included. These have a very simple but obviously-ukulele design to them. They're black which means they are easy to match, and have nice reviews. Ukulele socks—do consider this as a gift or even just a side gift for your uke-playing friend. Click here for the product page.

Ukulele Reference Poster

Presenting the ultimate ukulele reference poster. If you have no clue as to what this is—being the gift giver—it is a cheat sheet of almost all music theory related to playing the ukulele. And it is laid out in a very accessible and readable gigantic poster. Besides, chances are your ukulele-paying friend is no virtuoso yet so yes, this will help them big time. Measures 24 by 36 inches; glossy poster with large print and graphics. Click here to get one.

Sterling Silver Ukulele Necklace

Here's a nice piece of affordable jewelry that is specific to ukulele musicians. At only [PRICE], it would be hard to find a deal better than this sterling silver ukulele pendant and chain set. You can buy it as a pendant only but we think the paired price gives more bang for the buck. Comes with a nice pouch and gift box. When you visit the product page, make sure to scroll down to see other varieties of pendants.

Ukulele Chords Cheat Sheet

Remember the wall poster from 2 products back? Well, this is a sort of shrunken version of it—sort of as this only includes chords. Understandably, though, as how can they fit more info on a 4 by 6 card? Actually, you'd be surprised as to how they were able to fit 70 chord shapes here. So yes, this is a very useful guide for ukulele players. Up to you if you want to give it as a gift. Maybe just include it as a side gift along with any of the other stuff here? Link

Ukulele-Shaped Serving Board

Here's a nice gift for people who play the ukulele and enjoy hosting the occasional get-together—does that mean all ukulele players? Of course with a serving board as fancy as this, it would be wise to use it only when there are other people to see it. It's made from bamboo, which is better for the environment, and even that inlay in the center is still bamboo. Measures approximately 22 inches long; perfect for cheese slices and other finger foods. Click here for the product page.

Pick Holder Key Chain

We must admit, this crafty pick holder is a little confused on its identity. On one hand, it has 4 "strings" which makes it a ukulele (or a bass), but on the other hand, it has 6 tuning pegs which makes it a guitar. Either way, it's one of the fancier pick holder key chains available out there. It's made from leather and soft suede, and is 100% handcrafted. By the way, if you must know, these things are basically small cases of the pick—the one they use on the right hand to pluck or strum the uke. Click here for the product page.

Great Ukulele Player Coffee Mug

We may have dropped a word or two from what's actually printed on this awesome cup, but you've seen the photo. Anyway, yeah, if you want an effing great mug for an effing great ukulele player, look no further. This is made by The Profanity Shop so you it's got an attitude. But better this than any of the run-of-the-mill regular designs. Click here to visit the product page.