10 Best Gifts for University of Michigan Students

University of Michigan Cooler Tote Bag

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of college students? Yes, beer. Frat parties, tailgate barbecues, the games—all of those have one thing in common: lots of drinking. What better way to let them embrace this newfound culture of merrymaking than with their own portable beer cooler. This mini tote can fit 9 cans and keep them cool for the time being. For how long? That's not important, it would all be gone in a few anyway.

University of Michigan Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Give them a head start and let them getting used to wearing school-spirit merchandise. What better way than with a shirt? Let's start with long sleeves and sweaters since Michigan is not entirely known for hot, sunny days. This Michigan Wolverines apparel has the classic M logo and on the front in blue and yellow school colors. Basic stuff but a real must-have. Click on the link for sizing options.

Michigan Wolverines Face Mask

Well, these are the times we live in, so this gift is very relevant today. Don't worry, though, we got you covered; this is of excellent quality. Reusable, machine washable, uses anti-microbial cloth (but still breathable), and have stretchy ear loops. These are not meant to replace medical-grade masks, though. But yeah, no Wolverine should wear any other mask. Bulk discount packs available. Check the link for more details.

3D-Printed Michigan "M"

Here's something even the most fanatic of Michigan fans probably won't expect. A lifelike, 3D-printed M logo! Let that logo come to life for the ultimate in school pride! Just make sure to take note of its size so as not to expect something large. Okay, it's only about 4 inches wide; that's small but if you think about it, that's the perfect size for displaying on shelves and tables. Follow the succeeding link to check availability.

Michigan Wolverines Cheer Captain Jumper Dress

Let's face it, not many people get to be cheerleaders, let alone cheer captains. So, let the young ones project themselves to their future with this two-piece cheer captain jumper dress. Now, I know this list says gifts for students but this should fit smaller adults as well. Or, maybe for future students? Either way, this outfit belongs to this list, no doubt. Available via Dick's Sporting Goods—just follow the link.

University of Michigan Baby Onesie

Start them young! If you believe your kid is destined to be a Wolverine, then this may just be the kick-start you are looking for. Dress them up in that all-too-familiar blue and yellow and it might just be ingrained in their young subconscious. By the time they're up for college—assuming you raised them well enough to want to go to college—blue and yellow (actually, it's maize) is all they can think of. And they have no idea why.

University of Michigan Stickers

Sure, this is a gift choice. Look, we're not trying to sell you on a sticker, but the idea that you can give a bunch of University of Michigan-themed stickers of different kinds and designs. We're presenting this as one of our tight-budget options, because who knows who you will be giving to. Follow the succeeding link, then go mad on the available sticker choices. You have team stickers, logo stickers, multi-use decals, etc. Just check it out from the link.

University of Michigan Slide Slippers

Think of someone staying in a dorm for this gift. Officially-licensed Sherpa slide slippers. Can't get any cozier than these. Made from super comfortable textile upper and rubber lower. Has a plush memory foam layer within the Sherpa shell. Available in men's and women's sizes. Highly rated product. Follow the succeeding link for more details.

University of Michigan Fitted Hat

You can't go wrong with a classic baseball hat as a gift. Besides, it does not matter how many of these your designated receiver has, hats eventually become part of a collection. One of those one-for-every-occasion type of things. The one that we are linking to here is officially licensed, and is made by New Era, a really famous and sought-after hat brand. This is in the 59Fifty fitted style, or the one with the closed back.

University of Michigan Yellow Bow Tie

Want to make them look dapper once in a while? You know, instead of the usual sweats-and-sneaks collegiate fashion. They might just consider with this very prim and proper bow tie. Yellow and filled with the navy M logo. Made by Varsity Vests so you know it's quality and officially licensed. Check it out from the product link.