10 Gifts for Incubus Fans Who Are Stellar

Music and Videos

Gifting Incubus' music to a fan might sound redundant, so we will only list releases that truly defined the career of the band. Or, in some cases, those that are considered rare and collectable.

When Incubus Attacks Volume 2

When Incubus Attacks Volume 2 was the very first live album/DVD that the band released. Now, we do understand that an Incubus fan might already have one, but we'll take our chances just because of its age (2001). Besides, if you can get it in its original form, that would be stellar. Check it out here; last we checked they still had VHS tapes of it. Now that would be interesting to collect.

Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout Root Beer (Vinyl)

If you want the absolute first ever material the band ever released, this is it. The Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout Root Beer EP was released in 1995, even before their independently released debut album Fungus Amongus. However, it's a bit tough to get your hands on one of these so we can only try auction sites like eBay. And it can fetch up to about $200 for a mint one. But if you do find one, give it to a fan who is really special to you.

Alive at Red Rocks Blu-ray

Relive one of the band's best concerts, and arguably one of rock's greatest captured live performances. But now, for the complete live experience and more, consider giving them this enhanced Blu-ray. Includes additional special features. Recorded July 26, 2004 at Red Rocks, Colorado. Click here to check the product page.

Incubus Apparel and Accessories

Anything Incubus you can wear, or have on you.

Nice to Know You T-Shirt

Nice to know this teal shirt exists. Official Incubus apparel can be bought from their official store, we know that, but we are still gonna link here some of what we think are the best. This is part of the Morning View 20th anniversary collection which is why it has 10-23-2001 on the front. Click here to check out the product page.

Incubus Fleece Pants

This is also part of the Morning View collection. Black, pigment-dyed, stretchy bottoms, adjustable waist. Shirts are nice and all, but these pants are way more unique to gift if you need something to a special fan. Sold on the official store. Click here to check availability and sizing.

Black Morning View Beanie

Up next, something for the beanie-wearing folks. This right here is waffle knit one with a woven label similar to the Nice to Know You shirt. It is also available in gray and navy. Preorder as of today (November 2021) and will ship before the year ends. Click here if you think this would make for a cool gift.

Brandon's Artworks

Brandon Boyd is truly the quintessential artist. Not only is he gifted musically, but in visual art as well. Below are some of his purchasable works as a visual artist.

Vinculum F1 (8 x 8 inches)

Here's an example of one of Brandon's paintings that is currently available. This is called Vinculum F1, and is part of a four-series of watercolor/ink paintings. Number 3 (Vinculum F3) however, has already been sold. The painting is 8 by 8 inches and comes framed. You can purchase it on his official website. By the way, being that these are one-offs, you will often find the store low in stock, so you better get your hands on one quick when he releases a new work.

Eyes Without a Face Lithograph

Okay, so if you think an original painting is way over your budget, try a reprint. This one is called Eyes Without a Face and is a lithograph, which is the best and only accepted way to reprint artworks. Each one measures 17 by 11 inches and are hand-signed by Brandon Boyd himself. Costs [PRICE] and is shipped in a protective tube. Click here for the link.

Other Incubus Gifts

Other Incubus gifts that are hard to categorize.

Wish You Were Here Lyrics Poster

Here's a gift idea that you might want to give to a significant other who also happens to be an Incubus fan. It's the lyrics to their song Wish You Were Here, made into a poem-like poster. Quite simple, but it's the message of the song and the thought that makes this into a more powerful gift that what it actually is. Of course, it helps a lot if both of you share the same passion for their music.

Morning Brew Stoneware Mug

Check it, Incubus just released a new line of merch called Morning Brew, which is clearly a play on Morning View (as confirmed by the logo), and is obviously a line of products related to coffee. This one right here is a very well-crafted stoneware mug that comes with an engraved bamboo lid. Pretty swell mug, to be honest. Holds 10 ounces of steaming fluids.