Top 10 Inexpensive Gifts for In-Laws That Say You Care

Customized Canvas Prints

What about personalized canvas photo prints? These are always nice (nicer) to display because of the painting-looking texture. Give them an artistic photo of themselves, their whole family, heck, even include yourself there if you fancy it. Our link goes to CanvasPop, one of the leading print-to-canvas services available. They have a ton of customization options such as framed prints, collages, gallery-style art, etc. Plus, prices are very much affordable!

36 Hours USA & Canada Book

Check it—what this is is a giant collection of trips that you can do in 36 hours. In other words, one weekend. Isn't that cool? If you think about it, in-laws are probably retired or about to retire, so what better way to spend their newly-found free time with exciting trips—stuff to tick off their bucket list. Now, depending on your location, you should be able to find a version that suits your location. 36 Hours is a book series and it is made by The New York Times so you know it's legit.

A Photo Book of Their Grandchildren

Admit it, probably the only thing that makes them still want to see you—grandkids. Well, for most of you, anyway. But truth be told, you are probably not gonna get any better treatment and fondness of your kids than from from in-laws. Might as well give them something that can proudly display and showcase to their guests—a photo book of your kids (their grandchildren). Because why not? No one else is prouder. Link is to a famous printer of photo books; lots of options and excellent quality.

Family Birthdays Board

This practical and stylish board allows your in-laws to hang a disc beneath each month, wherein they could write the date and name of each corresponding family member who has a birthday then. Quite a primitive way of remembering birthdays but it is foolproof, though. Besides, the tough of rustic wood makes for a great display piece that can accent any home theme. Or maybe you just want them to remember your birthday and actually finally include you as family? Either way, this makes for a good gift.

"I Hooked the Best Father-In-Law" Fishing Lure

While this may be father-in-law specific, it still makes for a very meaningful, and at the same time lighthearted, gift. It's a fishing lure so it's double targeted. But hey, most father-in-laws love fishing anyway. But still, you can opt to go for the key chain option if you wish, as the seller is also shipping it out without the hooks. And don't worry, we'll find something mother-in-law specific later.

Great Father-in-Law Donald Trump Mug

Need to suck up to your father-in-law? Do it with a little bit of humor and just a little budget. This mug is laden with words that the great Donald would normally use, because they hit harder. Really terrific, very handsome, really fantastic—are these the words you think your father-in-law would own up to? Probably all fathers will (in-law or not). Available in two sizes and a number of color options for the handle and the inside.

Mother-in-Law Throw Pillow

This throw pillow is a super mother-in-law suck-up gift to give. Just hear the message out: You mean way too much for me to cal you mother-in-law. You are my bonus mom. You are my friend. Thank you for your warm smiles, your encouragement, your words of wisdom and motherly advice. I am blessed to have you in my life. Jeez. You probably don't even say that to your real mom. But hey, in-laws are tougher and harder to please. Check it out on the link.

Personalized His and Hers Passport Covers

In-laws are generally in that age where they can afford to travel as much as they want, whenever they want. After all, it's probably because of you that they are now able to do this—after stealing their precious daughter or son. These passport covers may be simple, but they will be used for sure. And those are the gifts that mean the most and are never forgotten. Besides, you can customize these with other quotes and, of course, their names.

Personalized Cutting Board

While every household has a cutting board for sure, this still makes for a great gift because of the personal touch. For sure their old, boring chopping board will be put out in storage to make way for this. Now, to be clear, there are a lot of sellers offering different kinds of boards and customization options. We just one that looks nice and has lots of positive reviews. Click on the link and browse through the options.

Succulent Plants

Succulents are all the rage nowadays, which is ironic seeing how peaceful and calming these are—and how they make you feel. Unless your in-laws live a very extreme lifestyle, which we highly doubt, they would probably get a kick out of these. Succulent plants are very easy to take care of, and they already come in cute, displayable planters such as the ones we linked to. Follow the link for more details.