How You Gift Me: 10 Best (or Worst) Nickelback Gag Gifts

Custom Photograph (Song) Poster

Ah, a song lyric made into a meme, made into a real poster. If you must know, "Look at this photograph, every time I do it makes me laugh" is literally the opening line to the Nickelback song "Photograph". And not just that, the opening scene of the music video looks exactly like this—with vocalist Chad Kroeger again literally holding a photograph. Hey, not that we're Nickelback fans but we think everyone has seen that at some point. And, as you probably guessed by now, you customize it with a photo of whoever you want to give it to. Hilarious. Link

Nickelback Women's T-Shirt

Look, a Nickelback t-shirt can already be a gag gift on its own, right? Well, depending on what type of crew you hangout with, this can be super sarcastic or simply cool. This shirt is women's fit only and has a heart for a band photo. So, if you have a lady friend who hates the band, this would make them look like an instant groupie. Savage. Click here to check out sizes and other women's shirt options.

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Nickelback

Oh yes, you read that right! Actually, this is not just a direct jab at the band. Rockabye Baby! has been releasing lullaby, sleep-friendly renditions of the oddest song choices since who knows when. Anywhere from heavy metal to rap, Metallica to Eminem. Of course, Nickelback is not spared. "How You Remind Me," "Photograph," "Hero"; all of their biggest hits are in this 12-song audio CD. Click here to check out the product page and listen to some samples.

Nickelback Greatest Hits Double Disc

Listen, at some point, anything Nickelback becomes a gag gift, right? We're not haters, mind you, we're just here to make a gift list, but we do get the jokes. So, giving a best-of of the band—let alone a two-CD set—to someone who thinks they have the most exquisite taste in music is golden. A word of warning though, this gift will surely go to waste. But, the look alone one their faces when they realize what you gave them is priceless. Link

"Trump Likes Nickelback" Sticker

No further explanation needed. However, if this sticker supplements your inkling for both Trump and Nickelback, then I guess you should sit back and reevaluate your life decisions. Okay, the Donald probably likes the band, true, but your gift recipient is gonna have to hate both for this to be a gag gift. But most do (hate both); but hey, like we said, we're not here to judge. Available in different colors. Click here to check out the product page.

Chad Kroeger Cake Toppers

Chad Kroeger cake toppers Oh, the look on their face when they see you made them Chad Kroeger-topped cupcakes! Chad is of course the face of the band as he is the front man, so there's not mistaking that this is a Nickelback gag gift. Unless of course the one you are gonna give the cakes to is a legit fan girl (boy?). Handmade from paper and wood, and sold as a set of 6. The graphic is designed by the seller, as well. Product link.

NIN (Nickelback Is Neat) T-Shirt

Any true music fan—rock music in general, at least—should get what this shirt actually means. The NIN acronym and how it is presented on this tee is actually an ironic homage to the band Nine Inch Nails, a band that has very different fans from Nickelback (although they are technically under the same rock niche umbrella). Below the NIN logo reads, "Nickelback Is Neat." So close. Available in black and white. Link

Nickelback Face Mask

Here's another product that can either be just normal or a gag gift to someone else. This face mask proudly displays your inexplicable love for the band. While that may be something others would gladly wear, there are those who wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing these. There are a variety of designs available for Nickelback-themed face masks. Simply follow this link and browse through the options. All are non-medical grade so do wear with caution.

Nickelback I Like You Card

Question: How do you say "I like you" in the most Nickelback way possible? How about, "Your voice is the opposite of Nickelback to my ears"? That's saying a lot, doesn't it? Well, if you want to profess your liking for someone (musically inclined) in a hilarious manner, then this card should do it. Besides, these only cost [PRICE]. Click here to get your card now.

Nobody's Perfect Octopus Poster

You might be thinking, what's an octopus got to do do with our favorite Canadian rock band? Well, if you look closer you will find out. The poster reads, "Nobody's perfect. This octopus, for example, primarily listens to Nickelback." This is how we remind you of what you really are. (See what we did there?). Unbelievable how the creator of this managed to slip in some Nickelback humor on such an innocent poster.