14 RAD Movie Merchandise for Your Inner Cru Jones

Rad Racing T-Shirt

Rad is life? I'm sure you know what the significance of this shirt to the movie is. Here's a refresher: It's an exact replica of the shirt Cru and his crew (see what we did there?) printed to fund his racing dreams. But I'm sure you already knew that. If you are here to give Rad merchandise to someone, this is, hands down, the number one choice. The next item is a close second. Heck, buy them both; your BMX-loving mate will go bananas over these replica apparel. Link

Cru Jones Rad Jersey

Yes, of course this comes next. This was Cru's jersey during the race at Helltrack, while battling Bart Taylor and the rest of Team Mongoose. Now, most of you might think, "What's so special about an 1980s-looking jersey with some stars on it?" Well, to some, this was literally the "cape" their childhood hero wore. Trust us. If you know someone who likes Rad to a scarily-obsessive amount, the will love this one-hundred percent. Link

Rad Special Edition DVD

Hey, you gotta have the DVD, right? And no, this is not (yet) the 4k re-release. (But that's coming up next.) Allow us to tell you something about the the DVD first. This is not an official release. It is made by a small, passionate company called Brian's Retro Collection. So we support those outfits. But don't worry, the quality—as per reviews—is great. Plus it comes with a Helltrack postcard. Click here.

Rad 4K Ultra HD Reproduction

Here it is, the holy grail. But now you will understand why we listed the $20 unofficial DVD first. The 4K has been sold out—what did you expect? And the only way you can get a copy is by going through opportunistic resellers on eBay and the like. By the time we made this listing, people are selling it for about [PRICE] on Amazon.com (See link.) Bummer; but hey, if you want a legit copy of the 4K reproduction, this is unfortunately the only way. Link to product.

Rad Racing Trucker Cap

If you want that same Rad Racing logo on a cap, then this, hands down, is the best we have found. Retro-style, mesh, the works. The cap, however, is only offered in a one-size-fits-all configuration, so make sure you have a relatively normal-sized head. You can get it in black, red, and blue mesh with red visor. Ships in 1 to 3 business days from the United States. Check out this link for customer reviews.

Bart Taylor The Man T-Shirt

Bart Taylor may well be one of fictional world's most loved antagonists; and why not, we all know he is the top man for Mongoose, which meant he was the top rider in that fictional universe. So yes, he's the man. Who are we kidding, we all love them! But let's give some well-deserved homage to Bart for a second with this awesome shirt. Sizes for men and women available. Click on this link to get yours now.

Minimalist Rad Movie Print

Here's an interesting take on artwork for the movie. Just a BMX bike graphic at the center, that RAD logo, a few words here and there—a perfect tribute to the movie if you have a very specific-themed place. Printed on high-quality matte paper. Available in two sizes; head on over to this link to place your order before it runs out.

Cru Jones Number Plate Replica

So, guess what? You can jazz up your classic BMX bike and make it look exactly like Cru's with exact-replica this number plate. The plate features the #33 in correct-style adhesive numbers. It also has metal eyelets for zip tie mounting (which it comes with), and is contoured so it should fit all old school bars, as well as modern-day race bars. Check it out before it runs out as these are all handmade.

Rad Dad T-Shirt

Truth of the matter is, most kids who grew up obsessing about Rad are probably dads by now. (And we might even go as far as saying granddads for some.) Although this design is not directly seen on the movie, it is still a reference to the movie and the culture, for sure. Besides, there really is quite a ring to it—rad dad. Only for actual rad, well, dads. Follow this link for the product page.

Rad Fan Art Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy

This phone case is, well, rad! Right? Someone on Redbubble commemorated the 33rd anniversary of the movie with a fan-art poster that features all the major characters in the film. He then added the design to some merchandise like shirts and stuff. Here is the phone case version for the Samsung Galaxy line of phones. Why just the Galaxy? No idea, but hey, it's a popular phone. Follow the link and see the exact same artwork on different merch. Link

Fabric Cloth-Printed Movie Poster

If you want an original-replica movie poster that can easily stand the test of time, this fabric cloth-printed version is the way to go. The poster measures a full 36 by 24 inches, and is proven to be 100% nicer than those printed on paper. It's easier to frame, easier to store, and lasts longer for sure. Shipped in a protective tube. Has a holographic sticker for authenticity. Click here to check it out.

BMX Bandits Movie

While we do understand that this has nothing directly to do with the RAD franchise per se, it's still a BMX movie released in roughly the same era (1983). We'd be the first to tell that this Australian movie has generally bad reviews—but there's enough BMX action there to entertain the average now-40-year-old, once BMX-er. Besides, it has a very young Nicole Kidman in it. Get the DVD here.

Rad Stickers

Stickers, anyone? If all else fails, you can get yourself a handful of RAD movie stickers. On this link we have found a number of variations and you should be able to find one that tickles your fancy. Cru Jones, the logo, the Helltrack logo, etc. Just check out the link. Also, these are very affordable starting at only [PRICE] so make sure to get yourself a bunch and start sticking them everywhere to get the word out of our favorite cult movie to more rad bikers.

Helltrack T-Shirt

Hey, did you know that RAD was actually released as Helltrack in other countries? Or was it Hell Track (2 words)? Anyway, this shirt sports the logo of the track that was used in the film, which was also named that. Available on classic tees, graphic (as in the photo), long sleeves, v-neck, etc. Click on this link to check it out.