Anger Is a Gift (But Not in This List): 10 Rage Against the Machine Gifts for Fans

Rage Against the Apparel

Original Logo Tee

While this shirt may seem overly plain, it is one of high demand. Band fans want nothing but showcasing their support for their guys, and a band logo tee is one of the simplest ways to do so. No fuss, just the band name in big, bold letters. RATM fans consider this the original logo as it is the one used in their self-titled debut album that launched them to legend status. Made from 100% cotton. Sizes available for everyone. Check it out here.

Bulls on Parade Mic T-Shirt

Up next we feature another Rage Against the Machine tee, but this time an homage to their second album Evil Empire. But wait, nothing on the shirt says that. Yes, but true fans know that one of the strongest tracks on the album was “Bulls on Parade,” and the mic-bomb artwork was the one that accompanied the single. Machine washable, 100% cotton unisex T-shirt. Follow the succeeding link to check out the product page. Link

Killing in the Name Hoodie

This hoodie is also known as the F You hoodie. If you know the lyrics to “Killing in the Name,” then you know what we're taking about. Head on over to this link to see the design on the back. Cool, huh? Official band merchandise sold on the official store. Not much details on the site but it seems to be a non-zipper pullover hoodie with handwarmers on the front. Screen-printed logo on the front and the protest lyrics on the back.

Take the Power Back Long Sleeves

We will try to cover as much apparel kinds in this collection so now we give you a long sleeve shirt. Official merchandise, and they call this the Take the Power Back shirt, track number three on the debut album (powerful, powerful album and an all-time great). Screen-printed design; logo on the front, hand insignia on the back. 100% cotton fabric with a custom crystal wash look. Buy it from the official store.

Rage Against the Machine Women's Tee

If you are looking for a women's fit Rage Against the Machine T-shirt, then we have some recommendations, as well. This one is the artwork from their Renegades all-cover album—released in 2000, responsible for funky tracks such as “Renegades of Funk” originally by Afrika Bambaataa, and “How I Could Just Kill a Man” by Cypress Hill. Fitted shirt but also available in chiffon top, fitted scoop, and relaxed. Just check it out from the link here.

Rage Against the Music (Vinyls, DVDs, Rare CDs)

Debut Album Vinyl

Only four products in on this list and how many times have we raved about the debut album from 1992? Let me tell you something about the Rage Against the Machine album, this will go down in history as one of the greatest rock albums of all time. Top 100, definitely, top 50, yes, top 25, we still like the chances. Recommending it as a gift, though, might be redundant which is why we are recommending the vinyl record. Now fetching prices above $50 so you better get your hands on one quick.

Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium Vinyl

For the next item in this collection, we feature another vinyl. But not just any record, Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium, to this date, is the last album the band has released (not including compilations). Also, the LP of this was only released in 2018 so retailers are still serving original pressings. One day, these will skyrocket in value. If you want to make fan happy, this gift will surely not let you down.

Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium DVD

After recommending the record, it only makes sense to recommend the DVD, as well. Our only inhibition is that this is pretty common, so a diehard fan might already have a copy. So just make sure. Besides, the band has only ever released four videos officially (this is the third). 17 tracks in all plus 2 bonus performances. And you bet they played all of their iconic songs. Get a 2011 rereleased version of this DVD here.

Rage Against the Posters

RATM Metal Tin Sign

For our first poster, or wall-hanging, we chose something that is as angsty as the band. This is no flimsy paper poster, it's a metal tin sign that will stand the test of time. Rhyme much? Size is roughly about the dimensions of a letter paper. Painted logo upfront with the fist sign; embossed with that retro, weathered look. Comes with mounting holes and folded edges for safety. Great, affordable gift any RATM fan would appreciate.

Minimalist Band Portrait

Got to admit, looking for legit posters of this band has been the toughest—of all the other band gift lists that we've done. Here's a fan-made poster/artwork that looks the balls so it will definitely pass as a gift. It has that minimalist, silhouette-style design. Very stylish, and printed on high-quality paper. You also have the option to print it without the text at the bottom for an even more minimalist feel. Click here to check it out.